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Yoga & You – January Students

January 3, 2010

Storm Rogers, 27, Chef

When did you start yoga? I started yoga 3 months ago

Where do you practice yoga? Shanti Cape Town

My Yoga Story…

I have always been quite a sickly person, this due to the fact that I am highly stressed, and seem to internalize my worries which in turn has had a very negative impact on my body. A good friend constantly nagged me about attending a yoga class, suggesting strongly that it would help the problems I had with my health. I was quite resistant for a long time, but eventually gave in one day. After my first class, I knew immediately that I had discovered something powerful and life changing. I went again the next day and since then have never looked back!

The postures where difficult and challenging at first, and I discovered quickly how disconnected from my body I have been. It was like yoga allowed a communication bridge to be formed with my internal self and the person that I know on the surface. As I continued, my practices became more frequent and I now practice 4-5 times weekly. The changes and impact it has had on my life and body are enormous. It has not only opened me up to myself, but also opened me up to the world around me, helping to dissolve away some of the barriers that I had unconsciously built up around myself. The breath work and focus that is required during classes, starts to become an awareness that I carry into my daily life. It truly helps me to maintain a sense of calmness and limits my reactions to situations and people.

I have also been fortunate to have found an amazing teacher, and it’s awesome to feel that my progress is closely observed by such an experienced yogi. Yoga has now become a part of my everyday life, it is a space within that you keep with you, even between practices and I’m so happy to have found it, and plan to continue my inward journey with the help of yoga.


Colin, 55, Business Coach


When did you start practicing yoga? 2009

What style of yoga and where? Yin Yoga in the Eastern Cape.

My Yoga Story…

I have always been a ‘gym’ kind of guy and love Kick Boxing.  My life involves a lot of travel and I tend to do my exercise routine in very intense bursts of activity in between work stints in Europe.  This time last year I arrived back in South Africa exhausted.  I couldn’t even bring myself to make a gym appointment.  A friend suggested that I come along for a Yin Yoga session with Elizabeth and I went rather reluctantly as I thought I would be the only man – and I was right about that bit! However once I started the postures I could feel my body responding.  It was as if it heaved a big sigh of relief.  It was a great mixture for me of a practice where I could be still and restful – yet also feel my body working.  My connective tissue felt easier after it.  I didn’t miss a session after that and I carried on doing it when I left to go back to work in Europe.  Now every time I come home here to SA I go back to the classes and love them.  My body manages the travelling much more easily now and I have remembered what it feels like to be relaxed.


Karen Venter, 28, Company Secretary

When did you start practicing yoga? November 2007

What Style and where? Vinyasa and Ashtanga at Yogazone, Cape Town

My Yoga Story…

I first heard about hot yoga on TV and was lured in by the promise of sweating the weight off, little did I know that losing the weight was just scratching the surface of the world that was about to open up to me. Of course I was sceptical before I tried my first class but boy did my perception do a complete 180 on me. After my first vinyasa class I was completely addicted to this new form of exercise which meant that I could continuously work towards achieving something more, naturally this suited my ambitious nature perfectly. I started to feel more inspired, as if I could feel mentally that I could do more and be more. Who would have thought that by inviting yoga into my life I would finally be able to attain the balance that I craved between a hectic work life and my personal life. Gone were the bouts of anxiety and cravings to smoke, I now wanted to get the most out of every day and be happy being myself and accepting my circumstances. Yoga for me, is not just a form of exercise, it has taught me how to calm my mind and the importance of inviting stillness into my life. I am still only at the beginning of my yoga journey but it is one that I will happily be on for the rest of my life.

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