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Ten Summer Tips

January 3, 2010

Ten Summer Tips
by Juanita Caprari

  1. The body dehydrates during summer so re-hydrate and drink enough water.
  2. Protect your skin from sunburn with sunscreen but remember the sun provides a natural source of Vitamin D. Sunlight is nourishment for the skin and nerves and provides energy for all living matter from plants, to animals and humans.
  3. Heat and excessive exercise lower Blood Pressure levels; therefore try not to over exert yourself in the summer if you suffer from Low Blood Pressure.
  4. Cucumbers and Watermelon not only re-hydrate the cells of the body as they are comprised mainly of water but they are delicious to eat.
  5. Cold soups and ice teas offer the perfect supplement to quench summer taste buds.
  6. Practise Forward Bends and Restorative Asanas as they are cooling and calming.
  7. Practise Sitali or Sitkari Pranayama to cool the body down.
  8. Wearing light colour clothing in summer prevents heat flowing to the body, allowing one to feel cooler and maintaining healthy levels of body heat.
  9. Sweating is natural condition during summer and during exercise and as a result much of the physiological action of the kidneys and lungs is done by the skin. If the pores of the skin are blocked then the kidneys and lungs need to work overtime because the skin does not perform its function properly. So keep the skin clean and fresh daily throughout summer by taking an invigorating shower or bath using natural soaps that do not clog up the pores.
  10. Massaging the body well not only improves circulation, it also refreshes and softens the skin and keeps the body cool, all of which gives you a glowing complexion!

Stay cool and fresh this summer with yoga and with care!

Juanita is a Sivananda Integral yoga instructor based in Cape Town –

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