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What’s Hot This Feb 2010???

February 1, 2010

Have a look at the following goodies that the YAA team discovered this month!


SoulSolé Water has taken South Africa by storm as the only alkalinised, revitalised water in a ready to drink form, with enormous benefits that has the who’s who of South Africa talking and publicity galore!

This amazing water has been restored to its original state of purity and nourishment. It is a tonic borne out of a global need for sustainability – a water that revives, refreshes and renews. SoulSolé Water was born of a revolutionary worldwide and scientific concept – that water carries memory. SoulSolé undergoes a 7 stage process wherein it is revitalised by dispelling all negative impurities and then re-charged. In the final stage, the now structured water flows through Himalayan Crystal Salts, which brings the water back to its original pure state. SoulSolé is the only water endorsed by the Medical Council, homeopaths, sportsmen, academics and paramedics.

Contact: SoulSolé Water 011 803 1124 /

Cost: R25 per 750ml glass bottle; R8 per 500ml plastic squeeze bottle.

To win a SoulSolé Hamper visit and complete the competition form – active from 2 Feb 2010


Brave Ayurvedic Oils

The Brave Foundation is a non-profit group founded and staffed by survivors of serious physical trauma. All products are made by those in recovery at the Brave Foundation. All ingredients are organic & certified & prepared according to both aromatherapy & Ayurvedic principals. 3 different oils (vata, pitta, kapha) have been prepared for the 3 different stages of trauma and recovery. These oils are ideal to have in the home as an addition to your first aid kit and can also be used medicinally to help overcome a variety of ailments (see each bottle for individual ailment relief).

Contact: / sms 083 680 4123 for more info

Cost: Small back of 3 R80, Medium individual R50, Large individual R80. Each product you buy, you donate one to those who can’t afford their own.

Neti Pots

Traditionally recommended for relief and prevention of blocked nose, common cold, sinusitis, hayfever and other allergies – also for increased mental clarity. Nasal cleansing is a hatha yoga method called neti. You cleanse your nose with an isotonic solution of lukewarm salt water (0.9 %). This simple method cleans and moistens the nose and mucous membranes. On the surface of the mucous membranes, in the nostrils, sinuses, airways, bronchi and auditory tube (between the nose and middle ear) are microscopic hairs called cilia. Nose cleansing stimulates the cilia’s sweeping movements to remove phlegm, dust and pollen and, with it bacteria which may precede a virus attack. Nose cleansing stimulates and energises the area around the eyes and forehead. This may reduce headaches caused by nervous tension. People have experienced clearer vision, improved sense of smell as well as finding neti helpful in stopping smoking.

Contact: /

Cost: R150

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