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Yoga & You – International Teachers & Events in SA – Feb 2010

February 1, 2010

Seane Corn. Age 43. International Yoga Instructor, Activist, Founder: Off the Mat, Into the World® and Yoga Ambassador for Youth Aids.

When did you start practicing yoga? When I was 19.

What style of yoga? Jivamukti, then Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

My Yoga Story.

I was introduced to yoga in 1987 at Life Cafe in the East Village through David and Sharon Gannon from Jivamukti Yoga. This time in my life awakened me to vegetarianism and also made me aware of the HIV/AIDS crisis that would set the stage for my work later in life.

In 1992, I moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, while also working behind the desk. There, I studied under Erich Schiffman, Bryan Kest, Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford. I began traveling throughout India, studying Ashtanga yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and connecting to the spiritual teaching of Amma. Throughout my life and learning, I know that I am dedicated to exploring truth in all the moments of life, both the light and the dark; elements found in all human experience.

visit / more information on Seane’s visit and workshops in SA


Swami Pragyamurti

Swami Pragyamurti is the head of the Satyananda Yoga centre in London. She is a disciple of Swami Satyananda, (who recently took Mahasamadhi on December 5th 2009), and acts as a direct channel for his teachings. The name ‘Pragyamurti’ means embodiment of wisdom and that is certainly what one feels when in a session with her. Her wisdom exceeds that of intellectual knowledge and is more the kind of all-encompassing wisdom that implies knowledge of herself and therefore an innate connection with the people she comes into contact with. Swami Pragyamurti’s knowledge of yoga is comprehensive as she both lives and teaches its principles.

On this her third visit to South Africa, Pragyamurti will be hosting a series of  community based classes whereby she can again carry out her belief that yoga is for everybody and most especially it is for those lesser privileged amongst us. She will work in impoverished communities, with people living with HIV/Aids, with prisoners, therapists, youth groups, and NGOs. For more information on these activities go to and see her itinerary.

Along with the community programs she will share her vast teaching experience with yoga practitioners like ourselves. Most exciting on the list is a 4-day retreat in the mountains near Swellendam. This live-in retreat will provide a chance for us to experience an ‘ashram’ type environment under the guidance of Swami Pragyamurti. There will be asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, (guided relaxation sessions), and meditation – all aimed at bringing about a deepening of one’s own practice and understanding. The main focus of the retreat will be on the meditative practice of Chakra Shuddhi which entails the location and purification of these psychic centres through breath and mantra. She will also move gently into elementary practices of Prana Vidya which will entail a better understanding of Prana (‘life energy’)

As with all Satyananda yoga practices these methods are practical, clear and effective. They will apply to seasoned practitioners as well as to those who are new to yoga. Other workshops she will host in Cape Town include shatkarmas, (cleansing practices), teacher training sessions and master classes all held at the Satyananda Yoga centre in Sea Point. For more details please see the abovementioned website. See you there!


Jivamukti Yoga is one of the fastest growing and most highly regarded modern approaches to the ancient art of yoga. Hundreds of students have been certified to teach the Jivamukti method through the intense one-month residential 300 hour Teacher Training course which is offered each year in the US and in Europe. It is considered as one of the highest standards for yoga certification in the world. The Jivamukti Method has been recognized by TIME magazine as one of the nine forms of Hatha yoga practiced in the world today. The popularity of the method is spreading internationally with Jivamukti Yoga centers opening in such diverse locations as Munich, Berlin, London, Toronto, Whistler, New York and Charleston, South Carolina.

I feel so honoured to be hosting my teachers in this country. South Africa simply does not have enough big name Yoga teachers so this is really a momentous occasion for us. The fact that Gurmukh will be in South Africa at the same time makes it even more auspicious as Sharon and Gurmukh have worked together. We therefore decided to turn the event into South Africa’s first Yoga conference – YogaEvolve.

For more information regarding the schedule, prices and dates, visit or call Cherryl on 082 469 8507.


Hari Kaur Khalsa

The amazing Hari Kaur Khalsa is coming to South Africa for the first time from New Mexico in the United States. Hari was close to Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini yoga, who brought Kundalini to the west in 1969.  Hari used to create malas, (prayer beads) for Yogi Bhajan. She also specialises in Celestial Communication and meditation with movement, which is known as one of the fastest ways to strengthen the nervous system and relieve stress.

Hari will share her Celestial and mala knowledge with you at her March 12-14th residential Betty’s Bay retreat. You will make your own mala.

Hari is an incredibly intuitive, soul centred and prayerful being with a wealth of stories to share. She radiates light and love. The small group of participants at the retreat will have the chance to spend time with Hari.

The retreats are part of St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme which has an extensive community Kundalini yoga project at 4 of the state mental hospitals.

See There are still some spaces left for the retreat. For further information you can email Jai on or call her on 021 685 1257.

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