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Yoga & You March 2010 – International Teachers & updates

March 1, 2010

Patrick Oancia, Director Para Impacto Company/YogaJaya, Tokyo Japan
When did you start practicing yoga?
What styles and where do you currently teach?
Hatha Yoga/ Cross Disciplinary
My Yoga story…

I was introduced to Yoga when in India, then later introduced to my first heart teacher in Tokyo by a very good friend. I wanted to utilize the yoga practice to gain more insight on the experiences I had faced living in Tokyo as an expat from the end of the eighties. A lot of my values were challenged and the integration into Japanese culture forced me to re-evaluate the way I was living. This led to a lot of confusion, yet my interest in the wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and yoga involuntarily forced led me to a regular yoga practice.  Not knowing much about yoga at the start, I saw my practice gradually generate a complete transformation in the way I lived my life. I merged into a style of living that has increased my level of awareness to the point that it has revolutionized the way I feels about being alive. I have become fascinated with the intelligence within the physical body and the powerful insights that can be brought forth through regular yoga practice. Inevitably, my sadhana has become an integrated aspect of life on and off the mat.

Patrick will be in South Africa in March 2010, catch him in action from the 12 to 14 with a Weekend Workshop @ Karma Shala Studio, Cape Town. Contact: Jim Harrinton. Phone: +21 (0)82 642 5256 E: / W:
and in Knysna from 19 to 21 with a Weekend Workshop @ Lotus Studio. Contact: Nicki Friedlein Phone: +27 (0)83 410 1320 E: / W:


Nadine Fawell – Yoga Teacher.

Nadine is originally from South Africa; she qualified to teach in 2004 and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

“Yoga changed my life. I walked into my first yoga class depressed and significantly overweight, and from that very first class I have known that yoga is It for me. It is the best tool I have ever found to feel my connection with the outside world, with my body, and with my internal landscape.

I have repeatedly seen the practices of yoga transform lives, starting with my own (that’s right, I am no longer depressed or overweight). As I began to teach, I saw how people moved out of pain, how they got stronger, more flexible, more emotionally stable. People would tell me they were sleeping better, that their headaches and backaches were gone. People would say that they had begun to reconnect to their spirituality. And all this from a bit of breathing and stretching.

In the five years that I have been teaching, I have logged about 4000 hours of experience, both in group and private settings. My main influence, both as a teacher and as a practitioner of yoga, comes from the Krishnamacharya lineage. I have travelled to India twice to study with TKV Desikachar and his teachers at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and I now consider Mark Whitwell to be one of my most influential teachers.

I believe yoga can help what ails, and it can help everybody, so I try to make my classes accessible to everyone, from beginner to advanced, flexible or not, at any age or level of health, including those with chronic conditions and disabilities.”

Visit for further information.


Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani.

Dr Ananda is the son of the world-famous Yoga team of Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri and Smt Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani. He was nominated as his Guru Father’s successor on his 4th birthday and has been trained in Rishiculture Ashtanga (Gitananda) Yoga since then. At this tender age, he also began his studies of classical Carnatic Vocal Music as well as studying Mridungam and Bharata Natyam. He studied medicine at J.N.M.C Wardha (Nagpur University).

Yoga for him is not just the performance of a few Asanas or Pranayamas but is a means for evolution of the human mind into further states of consciousness and awareness.

Dr Ananda is described as “the new voice in the science of Yoga” specializing in the therapeutic benefits of Pranayama, which he calls “the Science of the Vital Life Force, Prana, the Cosmic Catalyst that fills every cell with life and light”.

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker on Yoga and Health, has written a number of books and scripted and presented DVD’s on Yoga. Besides being a member of many organizations and associations, having received numerous awards, coordinated various programs, as well as choreographed several concerts, he is at present a Medical officer in the Village Health Programme and the Child to Child Health Education Programme run by the Auroville Health Centre in the International Township of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. He is happily married with two children.

In 2007 five students from the Anjali School of Yoga visited the Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry, India and extended an invitation to Dr Ananda to visit SA. It is now our pleasure and honour to welcome him to our shores and we are excited to learn from him yoga teachings and techniques, wisdom of the ancient Rishis and to experience the energy of such an authentic yogi.

For further details contact: Marietjie Venter 021-9132404 / 082 881 8818


H.H. Swami Suddhananda Visiting South Africa.

Talks on Self-Knowledge. Being in love with yourself.

Swami Suddhananda has developed a reputation over many years for his ability to convey the deep insights within the Vedanta scriptures; Hid approach is compassionate, yet uncompromising. The messages are presented in a down to earth manner typically emphasized with numerous anecdotes, gathered from around the world.

Swami Suddhananda will be in SA in March for more information on his talks visit / John 082 551 9312


Itta Roussos, Spontaneous Healing Facilitator and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, invites you to explore the language of your soul.

Itta Roussos has studied the flow of energy in the body through different forms including Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Yoga and Meditation with the Himalayan Institute (Swami Veda Bharati), and The Tao (self-study). This has led to the development of a system of healing which she has incorporated into her teaching. She works with people privately (one on one) and facilitates group sessions. Her work as a Spontaneous Healing Facilitator involves the integration of deep emotional experiences which block the free flow of energy, unbalancing the body and creating stress patterns that eventually result in physical, mental or spiritual illness. This depth work allows for Spontaneous Healing to happen within the body.

In her workshops she shares these systems of knowledge filtered through the insight of many years of personal practice.

Emotions: the gateway into our body – a two day workshop
Contact Shameen / 083 785 5695 / /


Earthchild Project News – Gurmukh visits Khayelitsha

The Earthchild Yoga Club children at Sakumlandela in Khayelitsha were blessed with a visit from the inspiring Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gurmukh.  On her one day off in Cape Town when asked what she wanted to do, her response wasn’t sightseeing – it was seva (service)!  After a tour around the organic veggie garden and worm farms the school bell rang and the children came out, excited to meet their international guest.  They shared their beautiful Xhosa songs which Gurmkh filmed and promised to show the children she teaches in Los Angeles.  Joined by teachers from Gururamdas and Karmashala, the class began – music, dancing, repetitive postures and more… it was all very new and exciting for the children who are used to sun salutation and triangle posture.  A truly uplifting afternoon had by all – full of fun and smiles.  Yoga really is a gift that transcends all boundaries and differences.


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