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Yoga & You March 2010 – Students

March 1, 2010

Jean-Michel Jaquet, 32, Student

When did you start practicing yoga? 10 years ago
Why did you start? For Spiritual growth
What styles and where? Mixed and all over!
My yoga story…

I grew up with limited health consciousness but a deep awareness that my body, emotions and spirit were intimately connected. I felt quite ashamed of my lack of physical fitness and believed that the right way to address this was to push myself through barriers of pain, barriers that symbolized – for me – my own inadequacies.

15 years of training later and I had tried various martial arts, lifting weights, exercise bikes, road running and gym classes. Rather than enjoying great health and fitness however, I had a bunch of physical injuries, low energy levels, unstable moods and a persistent dislike of my body.

I was introduced to hot yoga by a friend and immediately enjoyed the combination of intensity, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. Within three months I had shed a lot of excess fat, I no longer suffered from back pain and I felt stronger and more agile than I had in ten years.

A few more months of practice and I began to notice a different quality moving into my practice. It was becoming less about how perfectly I could hold a stance or how intensely I was exercising or how I was faring in comparison to other practitioners. Instead it became about how calm, balanced, relaxed and open I was feeling. How alive. This quality began to flow into other areas of my life – relationships, my work – until I noticed I was quite a different person than I had been just five months prior.

Walking into a gym for the first time in months I was struck by how competitive and painful things felt. I began to see the pain that had been underlying my desire to exercise my body into submission – and appreciate that I no longer felt that same pain.

Spending an hour in the yoga studio is, for me, as good as an hour of gym, an hour of meditation and an hour of play time all mixed into one. Thanks to the teachers and owners at Yogazone ( for introducing me to this art and teaching with such skill, consciousness and love.


Michael, 48, Architect
When did you start practicing yoga? In 1987
Why did you start? A friend told me about it
What styles and where? Hatha Yoga @ Ananda Kutir in Rondebosch
My yoga story…

I discovered yoga in my 20’s. I loved it from the start. It helped me to connect with my body, with myself. Through the years I have practiced erratically, sometimes not attending for months at a time. I have been attending classes at Yoga Zone for 4 months now – I am coming every day. I feel so motivated to come and I can fell and see the difference in my body. I also feel more relaxed and life has taken on a gentler perspective. I love the way, in each class, I can find my edge, so each class is a real challenge and a real reward – no matter how I am feeling on the day.


Chelsea, 20, student
When did you start practicing yoga? September 2009
Why did you start? For fitness and health
What styles and where? Bikram & ashtanga yoga @ Yoga Zone, CT
My yoga story…
I started yoga on the recommendation of a friend who kept telling me how fantastic it made her feel. I started coming nearly everyday and haven’t looked back!

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