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What’s Hot this April 2010???

April 5, 2010

1) Yoga Awakening Africa

Issue 5 out now! Self-Expression with Yoga. This issue is themed around Vishuddha chakra (throat centre) and we have some beautiful articles that share ideas, information and research around this topic.

For more information on the latest edition visit

Remember that each month Yoga Awakening Africa in conjunction with our partners gives away prizes; be sure to visit our website every month to enter these competitions. This month you can win a voucher from Melinca Clinic – visit

Issue 5 is now selling at R35 a copy. Copies can be purchased online, or at C N A, Exclusive Books, pharmacies, health shops and yoga studios (magazines go on sale in stores on the 12th April) if you would like to a copy before then, email us directly (allow 3-days for posting).
Teachers, to order in bulk for your studio, please email


2) Kapruka coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is fast becoming popular as cooking oil in the west. As in Asia, the oil is used for everyday cooking, frying and baking with a myriad of health benefits. Besides speeding up your metabolism and strengthening the immune system it also gives instant energy due to the way the oil is metabolized in the body. Virgin Coconut oil also helps to control cholesterol and do not form Trans fats when heated. Kapruka virgin coconut oil has a very mild coconut aroma which lingers pleasantly in mildly flavoured products like mushrooms and compliments well seasoned dishes without leaving a distinct coconut taste. It is highly recommended for growing children, sportsmen and women, the health conscious and those wanting to loose weight. The oil also has a cosmetic aspect to it and is excellent for massaging and as a pre-wash hair conditioner. It is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine due to the anti viral, bacterial and fungal properties of the specific fatty acid composition of the oil.

The oil is available in 200ml and 500ml jars and can be ordered online for R35 and R70 respectively. It is also available in selected health shops and delis.
More info is available on


3) Swedish Mat
Have you spent a fortune on pain killers and medical bills, desperately trying to heal your tired muscles and body ache? Maybe your pain is a result of massive stress and long work hours or due to a previous accident. Pain is an important warning system in the body and a signal that something is wrong. If you have continuous pain for more than three months, it is considered as chronic. The Swedish Spike Mat provides pain relief, relaxation and helps you to fall asleep. It gives comfort to aching, tired muscles. The acupressure mat, produced after an original, Indian recipe, is suitable for everyone. It can be regulated depending on your own pain sensibility. The Swedish Spike Mat can help the following: lumbago, slipped discs, stiffness, sciatica, stress, chronic aches, “frozen shoulder”, headaches, sleeping problems, whiplash, fibromyalgia etc. The Swedish Spike Mat is design patented and manufactured in Sweden. The mat is CE marked by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. 5 years warranty. Made of TPE-plastic, without PVC or Latex.

Single mats = R349 and Swedish Spike Mat Combo = R599 / / 021-813 6444, 021-813 6305


4) Body Talk

The body consists of millions of cells that are constantly communicating to keep your body healthy. When you experience stress, communication is weakened, leading to a decline in health. During a Body Talk session the practitioner uses muscle testing to identify weakened energy circuits and locate imbalances. A gentle tapping procedure initiates the restoration of communication to enable the body to heal and effectively respond to injury and illness. The tapping ensures that the body “remembers” these changes after the treatment, so improvement is long lasting, not merely symptomatic relief.  Body Talk is natural health care that is safe, non-invasive and requires no diagnosis.  Clients show improvements with arthritis, headaches, allergies, back pain, emotional disorders, infections, digestive disorders, endocrine disorders and a lot more.

Be sure to catch Dr John Veltheim, founder of BodyTalk who will be visiting SA and giving a public talk on 27 April 2010. /

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