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Yoga & You April 2010 – Students

April 5, 2010

Dunyiswa Jack, Grade 7, Sakumlandela Primary School

Why I love yoga…

I love Yoga because it keeps me fresh.  Every time when I wake I do yoga.  Yoga helps you with stress and tiredness every time.  Me, I have been doing yoga for three years.  When I do meditation it helps me with my home stress and always thinking about it every time.  It’s good to do yoga.  Yoga makes me be active all the time because it changes my life.  As a group of learners we go to the classrooms and teach the younger learners about yoga.  I love yoga.  One day I want to be a yoga teacher.  My yoga teacher is Inge – Thank you!!


Channette Haupt, 32, Web Designer

When did you start practicing yoga?
On and off for a couple of years. Started practising again 9 months ago.

Why did you start?
I needed something physical to balance out work and life.

What styles and where?
Hatha yoga with Louise at the Observatory Community Centre.
The Rocket/Ashtanga with Sarah at it’s yoga cape town.

My story…
9 months ago I started doing yoga 5-6 times a week. That was the catalyst for many lifestyle changes. I no longer work at night or over weekends. I am much more productive in the day as come 6 o’clock I’m in yoga. I am handling life’s stresses so much better, very few things Ujjayi breathing can’t fix. One month after starting yoga again, I quite smoking. One thing led to another and soon I was off coffee, Alcohol, wheat and dairy. Also my decade long struggle with eczema and sinusitis came to an end.  The bonus, I lost 16kg’s, but so much more important than that, I feel alive again. I’m starting my yoga teacher training in April, very excited to see where that takes me.


Sharmladevi Naidoo, ( Sharm ), 52 years old, Registered Nurse, Midwife and Community Health Nurse.

When did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga 15 years ago.

What styles and where?
Hatha Yoga, first with Barith, currently with Nina Saacks.

My Yoga story…

At the age of 37, I experienced severe back pain and tried medical interventions, which had dismally failed me and in mere desperation; I sort refuge into practicing Hatha yoga.  I have not looked back as the combination of Hatha and Raja Yoga has strengthened me both physically and mentally.  I am able to maintain this chronic back problem with this practice of  Yoga. In 2008, I was encouraged to do the Yoga teachers training course.  I registered to do the course in 2009 for self-development and growth.  During 2009, I had been going through a personnel crisis and I am glad that I pursued the course as this has made me understand my abilities and capabilities physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was able to get through this with focusing my practice on Pranayama, Hatha and Raja Yoga.  The Yoga Teachers Training Course has given me in-depth knowledge and brought awareness to empower myself.   In future, I foresee myself bringing this awareness to clients we encounter  in our daily lives.

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