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Calendar of Events & Workshops May/June 2010

May 3, 2010

7 -9 May 2010: Karma Yoga Centre

Spiritual Partners: Deep in our hearts we want to be close to others, to love & be loved. Talks, yoga & meditation & walks to the beach. Luxury accommodation or day visitors.

Contact Melody Vorster; 039 316 8658,

8 May 2010: WC – Pinelands Civic Centre

Yoga with Turiyana (Glen Ross-Hudson): In this workshop Glen will explore anna (food) yoga with relevant asanas and pranyamas, using the body as a tool to awaken the latent energy and power of our radient helath. R150 non members / R120 members 13:00 – 16:00

Contact: Marjolein Gamble  021 671 4068,

8 May 2010: Waterfall Retreat Centre

Hatha Flow and Kundalini Yoga Day: The work shop will focus on: Hatha Yoga with Drishti (focus)-Pranayama (breath)-Asana (pose) and Kundalini Yoga Pranayama. We will learn to use these as tools for awareness, personal growth and to develop  mindfulness in the practice of yoga and everyday life. The day will be a fun day of movement and body awareness. The focus of each movement, each moment, being to create a flow of energy, which will… Create the breath, which will… Create the poses.

Contact: Waterfall Retreat Centre, / 0768250583  /

8 & 9 May 2010: Haum of Yoga, Joburg

FACE YOUR FEARS: Flying Yoga Workshop with Jeanette van Wyk and Magda Smith. If you have read about this workshop and said unequivocally NO, then it is for you!!! In the capable experienced hands of Magda who is an ex-gymnast and current gymnastics coach and Jeanette, yoga teacher extraordinaire, you are safe, and your boundaries will be gently stretched until you are ready to jump through them – it is an exhilirating experience! Beginner Workshop Saturday, 8th May 12h00 – 17h00. Intermediate Workshop Sunday, 9th May – you need to do Saturday to attend Sunday 10h00 – 15h00. Cost: R400.00 per day

Contact: Kerry / / 084 800 4444

14 – 16 May 2010: The Blue Butterfly – Tulbagh

HATHA YOGA RETREAT with Jo McGuire: A weekend of self exploration through yoga and blissful relaxation. Two days, two nights, 4 Yoga sessions, plenty of free time, all vegetarian meals included & comfortable shared accommodation. R1090 per person. Bring your mat and walking shoes…

Contact: 072 912 8595  /

14 – 16 May 2010: Waterfall Retreat Centre

Restoring the Balance Retreat: This retreat is to help us face the challenge of living happy and useful lives in an increasingly bewildering world. We cannot change the world to conform to our wishes. What we can do is to have mastery over how we experience it: we can learn to accept and adapt to ever-changing circumstances maturing our minds in the process. With balancing we learn to access our inner potential through the process of living. The weekend workshop is a designed method to help bring our minds into harmony and balance and will include sessions of guided relaxation, creativity and mindfulness practices.

Contact: Waterfall Retreat Centre, / 0768250583  /

15 May 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

CHAKRA JOURNEY with Ilana: The chakra system represents the complete spectrum of the human experience. A complete body, mind and spirit workout offers exercises and meditative techniques for each of the energy centers. All levels welcome. 11.30am – 1.30pm. Cost : R108

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401  / /

15 May 2010: Haum of Yoga, Joburg

Tibetan Bowl Meditation with Alice Hoeler: During a group meditation with singing bowls you will have the opportunity to lie down and relax with eyes closed, and for the next hour to ride the gentle waves of sound created by the song of the bowls and the uplifting rumble of the gongs. This induces true relaxation in body and soul. The beautiful, sacred sounds of the bowls and gongs create a special and unique space where healing can take place. Cost: R175

Contact: Kerry / / 084 800 4444

21 – 23 May 2010: WC – Greyton

Yoga retreat with Jonathan Blumberg: A relaxing Yoga retreat with Jonathan Blumberg, one of SA’s most senior and experienced teachers. Under the Mountain Yoga Centre is in the small village of Greyton, 150 km east of Cape Town.

Contact Under the Mountain Yoga Centre;; 082 738 7809

22 May 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

FORWARD BENDS & TWISTS with Hylton: Find ways to understand & appreciate forward bends. Experience ecstatic release with twists. Begin with simple poses & explore techniques that open the spine. Use concentrated focus  to find the bliss of these postures.

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401  / /

22 May 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

KUNDALINI YOGA TRANCE DANCE: A vibrant combination of movement, breath, chants, introspection & projection. Being yourself is a beautiful expression of the divine. The best way to spend your Saturday nights. 7.00pm – 9.30pm. Cost : R140 (inc. light dinner). SPACE IS LIMITED – BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401 / /

23 May 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

FUND RAISING EVENT: Please join us for a beautiful group RA MA DA SA healing meditation, finishing with a divine Gong Meditation – projecting out healing & positive vibrations to all (including yourself) that need love, healing and protection. All proceeds will be given to the Rosie & Thandi Soup Kitchen

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401  / /

26 May – 30 May 2010: Haum of Yoga, Joburg

Haum of Yoga Teacher Training/ Self mastery course -Module 1: This particular Module 1 and 2 will be Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga specific, and will join up with the Indi Yoga Teacher Training Module 3 and 4 (in November and December) [Indi Yoga Teacher Training Module 1 (8-12 September) and  Module 2 (6-10 October)].

Contact: Kerry / / 084 800 4444

28 – 30 May 2010: The Blue Butterfly – Tulbagh

YOGA RETREAT with Rene Lambert & Jennifer Stephens: Immerse yourself in Yoga and restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Awake to the sound of birds and the soft stillness of nature!  The days begin with a series of energizing yoga asanas, cleansing pranayama and revitalizing relaxation. Learn the basics of Natural Remedies using the simple foods, herbs and spices found in every kitchen, then spend some time reading, walking, swimming, chocolate tasting or simply being! Shared accommodation ~ R1800 per person OR private room with en-suite bathroom ~ R2500 per person

Contact: Rene on 076 815 6664  or Jennifer on 082 822 5212

29 May 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

KNOW YOUR BODY & SET IT FREE with Atma Kaur: All of life’s experiences form our identity, our sense of self. When we choose to integrate our sensory expressions through conscious movement, we form a harmonious, coherent and wholistic Body Mandala. 11.30am – 5.30pm. Cost : R520. Early bird discount R420 before 10th May.

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401  / /

29 May 2010: Joburg, Dunkeld West

Core for Yoga: The body’s core is an integral component to any yoga practice. In this two hour workshop, Andreas will combine his extensive training in Pilates with his experience as an Ashtanga yoga practitioner to lead you through tips and techniques to start using your powerhouse in your everyday yoga practice. Ashtangis and hatha yogis (and even those Pilates practioners out there) alike will benefit from this workshop. Time: 2-4pm Cost: R200

Contact: Sarah Yates /079 099 6807 /

4 – 6 June 2010: The Blue Butterfly – Tulbagh

HATHA YOGA RETREAT with Cheryl Lancelles: A balancing and energising retreat weekend with a special focus on the chakras. Includes morning mantra, asana with attention on the chakras, meditation and all vegetarian meals ~ R1995 per person.

Contact: Cheryl 084 090 2083 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              084 090 2083      end_of_the_skype_highlighting,

4 – 6 June 2010: KZN, Thula Thula

KZN Weekend Yoga Retreat – Thula Thula: Integrate the serenity of the bush into mind and spirit with a weekend yoga course at Thula Thula Private Game Reserve. The weekend also includes a vegetarian cooking lesson by a French trained chef, a one hour aromatherapy massage session, guided bush walks and game drives. Accommodation is in the secluded Luxury Tented Camp. The cost of the two night course is R2700.00 per person sharing, all inclusive.

Contact: Francoise Malby Anthony, / 0837879991

5 June 2010: Joburg, Dunkeld West

Jump Back/Jump Through Workshop: Jump backs and jump throughs aren’t only for Ashtangis- vinyasa bunnies will also gain information on helping their practice to flow! Time: 2-4pm, Cost: R200

Contact: Sarah Yates /079 099 6807 /

5 June 2010:

Ayurvedic Cooking, Self Massage and a splash of Mindfulness: Learn how to cook the Ayurvedic way with the flavour of mindfulness. After lunch course participants will learn the art of self massage, which alongside Ayurvedic cooking mindfully prepared, will strengthen the immune system and bring about balance in the body. Mindfulness meditation sessions will be held throughout the day, with emphasis on exercises to settle the mind.

Contact: Kerri Martinaglia / / 0768250583

5 June 2010: Claremont, Cape Town

Indian Vegetarian Cookery Class: Surprise yourself and learn how to bring a clever blend of lavish dishes into your own kitchen! Foods are simple and quick to prepare, yet nutritious and uniquely flavoursome. Ingredients are fresh, colourful, additive free and wonderfully fragrant. 13:00 – 16:00, R200 SARYTA members / R230 non-members

Contact: Marjolein Gamble / / 021 671 4068

18 June 2010: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – WC

WINTER SOLSTICE YOGA RETREAT: A time that holds seasonal significance as days grow longer & nights become shorter – staying in harmony with the universal flow. A perfect time to start afresh with new beginnings & cleaning out the old ways physically & mentally – a therapeutic retreat to look forward to at the darkest time of the year. Friday 18th – Sunday 20th June. COST: R1700 (sharing) / R2400 (single).

Contact: Gururamdas yoga studio / 0722431401  / /

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