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Yoga & You May 2010 – Students

May 3, 2010

Zola Matembisa, Grade 7, Sakumlandela Primary School

I love Yoga because yoga gives me oxygen.  Every day in the morning I do yoga before I wash my body.  Yoga makes me fresh and powerful.  My favourite posture is tree and one of the things I love most is the opportunity to reconnect with body and spirit.  So I can find that balance again.


Karen Fintz, 41, importer & distributor of fashion brands

When did you start practicing yoga? I started practising kundalini yoga about 4 years ago at Gururamdas studio in Gardens, Cape Town.

My yoga story…

I was attracted to Kundalini because it is a very spiritual and diverse practice,

very physical as well as mentally challenging with a lot of emphasis on breathing and meditation.

What I love is that every class is a completely different and powerful transformative experience and can take you through many different emotions and sensations. Even the music is so beautifully inspiring and helps you through the most challenging moments and then adds to the magic when you finally  bathe in the afterglow.

It is a wonderful tool to have and use during periods of stress and crisis, I practised the same set every day for 120 days (while going through a divorce), that’s when I really discovered and experienced the powerful transformative kundalini magic. While every thing around me was changing and falling apart I was comforted and grounded with a daily practice that made me stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

Now I try to do it as often as possible at Gururamdas studio, I can never get enough of it!!!

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