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Yoga & You May 2010 – Teachers

May 3, 2010

Carey McKenzie, 40 yrs old, filmmaker.

When I was four I went with my mum to a studio in Rosebank across from the Scout Hall. The teacher had white hair and talked about the organs affected by every pose – lots of words I didn’t understand. It was all very mysterious. She could churn her tummy and we had to use a squat toilet with footprints on either side. The carpet was bright blue.
It was the 70s. I got attention for being bendy and of course I loved it.

After a detour through dance and a tortuous time at the gym, in 2000 I found my way back to yoga at Jivamukti while living in New York. The combination of physical and spiritual practice was uniquely nourishing and I soon let my Crunch subscription lapse. I’ve been a beginning Buddhist for half my life; I needed a vigorous vinyasa practice to help me sit still. That hasn’t changed.

I found inspiration in Cape Town at Jim Harrington’s Yoga Synergy courses and when I heard he was running teacher training I committed before I even knew which style it would be. Happily it was Ashtanga with Yoga Philosophy taught
by Aldi Groenewald. I started teaching in 2010 after years of leading informal ad hoc sessions for friends. I especially enjoy working with individuals and small groups on the Primary Series or a Jivamukti inspired flow.

Contact info: Carey McKenzie 072 618 3393


Elena von Donhoff, 39, ex news producer with a PhD in Medical Anthropology, now Yoga teacher and mother of three busy girls

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga?
I started 10 years ago in London with a fantastic teacher called Cat de Rham. Since then I have lived, worked and practiced in Chile, Sweden, Ireland and, for the last 3 years, in Cape Town. I did my teacher training with Africa Yoga in St. Francis and I have been teaching since 2007.

What styles and where do you teach?
Vinyasa style, flowing energetic classes that finish with meditation, chanting or pranayama. I teach Monday evenings at Virgin Active Constantia (7:15 pm) and Thursday mornings at Virgin Active Claremont (9:30 am). Every now and then I do Yoga retreats, next one on 14th to 16th of May at Rosendal Winery and Wellness Retreat.

My story...
Like most people, my Yoga has evolved quite a bit. When I started off I preferred dynamic, athletic classes that made me sweat. I pushed myself to achieve more challenging poses, comparing myself to others all the time. Now, 10 years older, I want my practice to focus not only on the body but also on the mind. I love the feeling of inner peace and clarity, to include Yoga philosophy and wisdom. Shiva Rea’s interpretation of Yoga is fantastic, as she combines both high energy and meditation so effortlessly. Music is an important element when I practice Yoga, because the right music sets the mood and helps me to switch off the mind, be present and go with the flow.


Sarah Stone-Francisco, 31, yoga studio “owner” and instructor.

I started practicing with my mom when I was little and started teaching in 2007. I teach rocket vinyasa, ashtanga, and flying partner yoga at it’s yoga cape town in Blouberg. I’m a second generation yogini. (third, if you count my grandpa finding his way to yoga in his late 70’s!). I started practicing with my mom when I was little, and then found yoga to be an amazing tool for stress relief while at university.

In my early 20’s I discovered ashtanga vinyasa. the movement within vinyasa calmed and focused my active vata mind, and the discipline in ashtanga kept me coming back to the mat consistently.

In 2006 I found my home in the it’s yoga system of ashtanga vinyasa in San Francisco, California. I completed my basic and rocket teacher training under the guidance of Larry Schultz, it’s yoga’s founder. It is through his inspiration and teaching that I learned how to listen to my inner teacher and manifest my dreams, which brought me here, to open it’s yoga cape town in beautiful beachy Blouberg!

Contact Sarah +27(0)71 172 5205 / /

12 Marine Circle, first floor, Blouberg.


Samantha Pryce, Age 40, Marketing and PR.

I remember way back in 2001 when I went walking with a friend in Newlands forest, and she told me she was going to become a Yoga teacher. I remember thinking –wow! I don’t know why I thought “wow”, because I didn’t know much about Yoga, but I knew I wanted to practise it. She invited me to join a class and so along I went for my first class with the most amazing Yoga Teacher – Wendy Blomkamp. The most treasured quality about Wendy was how she made you feel. When Wendy passed away in 2005, her Yoga students were left thinking – where do we go? I started attending Hatha Yoga classes at Ananda Kutir Ashrama, then Sadhana courses and then any other courses that were running. What can I say – I was hooked! Last year I completed the Yoga Teacher’s Training course and now I am teaching a class once a week at the Ashram.


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