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Awakening your Real Self

June 1, 2010

A huge part of our lives and careers is influenced by the manner in which we present ourselves to the world. How we see ourselves (our self-concept) and how we feel about ourselves (our self-esteem) have a profound effect on our physical appearance, as well as the clothes and accessories we choose to wear.

How we present ourselves can have a substantial impact on the success we generate. That is, what we draw to us. In The Image Keys to Personal Transformation we delve into your physical appearance, sharing ‘keys’ to assist and enable you to live the life you desire through aligning your appearance with your other life goals.

What you wear is never as important as who you are. However, what you wear does reflect a great deal about you. Your external image should ideally be a reflection of your ‘real self’. According to Baron Eugene Ferson, author of The Science of Being, the ‘real self’ represents your Individuality, the ‘backbone’ of your character and it contains limitless potential. In other words, it refers to everything that makes you the unique individual that you are, excluding your ego. The ego acts out of fear and often prevents us from being true to ourselves and from realising our full potential. Common experiences across all levels of society are circumstances in our childhood and/or adult environment which cause us to engage in ‘falsification’: we find ourselves doing things we think we need to do in order to survive. These include doing ‘safe’ things, like a boring job which pays a mediocre salary every month, while repressing our true passions and natural skills.

When someone compromises his/her unique ‘real self’ because of demands of circumstances, fear of change may become a dominant and paralysing factor. Despite this, however, we can turn our lives around at any time by becoming more ‘aware’ and by opening ourselves to the guidance from our higher selves/God/whatever higher power you believe in.

Do you have a clear idea of what your biggest stumbling blocks and fears are, as well as what your dreams, goals and aspirations look like? Remember that, transforming your fears, eliminating your obstacles and successfully creating the life you have always dreamed of, requires total honesty and commitment on you part.

Now wouldn’t you like to create a winning image for yourself to match that dream life of yours? Or would you rather carry on wearing your old and tired outfits? I hope that your answer is a resounding NO, OF COURSE NOT! Let’s create an image for you that reflect self-respect and self-love. More on that in next month’s issue.


Suzaan was born in Cape Town, South Africa and has been working as an Image and EQ Consultant in Cape Town and Johannesburg since 1998. She uses a combination of modalities, such as Psychology and Spirituality, to inspire, effect positive change, and bring about psychological adaptability and spiritual growth in her clients. Suzaan has an Honours Degree in Psychology (University of Port Elizabeth), but firmly supports a holistic healing approach targeting body, mind and spirit.

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