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Yoga & You June 2010 – Students

June 1, 2010

Malango Mughogho, 38 years old, Independent sustainability consultant

When did you start practicing yoga? About 12 years ago.

Why did you start?

I started practicing yoga because I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I knew that I had to ‘slow down’ whilst remaining physically fit.  Yoga was the best solution at the time.

What styles and where?

I have only practiced Hatha yoga (i.e. asanas + pranayama + meditation).  I taught myself several asanas using BKS Iyengar’s ‘Light on Yoga’ book and learnt about ashtanga yoga through the book ‘The Tree of Life.’  I have attended classes at many places but my most influential teachers were Ann Behrend, (she taught at a gym that I used to go to and gave classes at a company close to where I worked), Swami Yogasagar, (Satyananda style of yoga, based in Rosebank), and Itta Roussos, (she teaches Kundalini yoga but I primarily went to her for psycho therapy that embraced kundalini yoga concepts).


Genevieve. 26. Medical receptionist, Belly dancer and teacher

When did you start practicing yoga?

I won a voucher for a yoga class for me and my mom. I enjoyed it a lot but did not have the time to join the class regularly at that time. Then a few years ago a friend gave me a cd of her voice, (yoga for beginners), and I started practising at home with my mom.

Why did you start?

I felt a need to balance my soul and to increase my flexibility for dancing. Yoga helped me to do both. Also my mother has skin cancer and her doctor recommended yoga for stress relief, so we decided to start practising together.

What styles and where?

I have tried a few styles at different times and have found each to be beneficial for different things. From Bikram in Wynberg, (great detox), to the Hatha and other styles at the gym, (good workout), and now I do a combination of hatha, kundalini and tantric yoga in Tokai (great for mind, body and soul).

My yoga story…

Working two jobs has caused my life to be rather chaotic at times and this has led me to feel off balance at some stages of my life – not having enough time so always in a hurry. After finding yoga I discovered a new way to help centre myself again without having to give up anything else in my busy lifestyle. I now feel calmer and more centered.

I have also found that yoga has helped me strengthen my body to avoid injury and has given me great flexibility that has improved my dancing immensely.

But the best about yoga is what it has done for my mom, her cancer levels have shown improvement thanks to yoga’s de-stressing quality, and for this I am most thankful.

All in all yoga is one of the best things to come into my life. My mind, body and soul will be eternally thankful.


Rozan Carmen Kimar, 28 yrs old, Candidate Attorney

When did you start practicing yoga? May 2010.

Why did you start? I am a chronic migraine sufferer, (since I was 5 years old).

What styles and where? With Trygve Skorge.

My yoga story…

I have suffered from severe and debilitating migraines with or without “aura” since the age of 5. My childhood was non-existent, ability to study like a normal person and basically function like a normal person was extremely difficult. I lived in constant fear as to when the next attack may occur. Furthermore, the medications required to treat same, whether preventative or abortive are extremely harmful in that it inter alia literally kills your spirit. The medication is also very sophisticated and thus expensive.

I have never been able to run or take a walk especially when the weather was pleasant, (sunny or in between). The majority of the time I had to stay in a dark room with no sound and pray that the pain would go away. Many doctors have recommended exercise as a form or relaxation, however I tried going to gym to no avail. I was told by my neurologist that it’s merely my genetic makeup that forms the basis of the chronic migraines.

I always knew my body was flexible because I’m what most people call “double jointed” as is freakishly illustrated by inter alia how far my arms can bend appearing to be broken.

Yoga was always in the back of my mind, however never really accessible or advertised at reasonable rates. One day after coming from the neurologist during my lunch hour I was with my fiancée at the time who had an appointment after mine with the physiotherapist. I accompanied him and waited sitting in the reception area and glanced at the notice board where I viewed the advertisement for Yoga classes (talk about coincidence!) I called and then started almost immediately. After a few sessions with Yogi I noticed that the frequency of my migraines were far less and should it present itself on occasion it’s not nearly as aggressive.

Due to the simple fact that Yoga positively stimulates both body and mind I never thought that it could fight the so called “monster in my head”. I confess to being addicted to Yoga now thanks to Yogi Prana whom is highly skilled, patient and helpful.

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