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Yoga & You June 2010 – Teachers

June 1, 2010

Annie Pearson-Adams, 27, Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist.

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga? My yoga journey started about 4 years ago.

What styles and where do you teach? Ashtanga.

My yoga story.

Amidst the frenetic pace of London’s long days in the office and long nights out I knew that there had to be more to life. In my attempt to slow things down and find balance in life, I began exercising more. I’ve always been pretty flexible, but I hate running, so yoga seemed like the perfect fit. I left my job and spent two months at a retreat in India. After a lot of soul searching, I realized I needed to pursue my passion for yoga and share it with others. In a leap of faith I followed my heart and haven’t looked back. Last year, I completed the Africa yoga teacher training and have been teaching private clients and classes in Cape Town.


Kim Olbrich, 46 years old, other occupations are database management and administration of our digital image library, and running after my two kids of 12 and 15!

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga? Started practicing yoga in 1999, with Hester van Zyl of the Young Yoga Institute. Decided to become a teacher a few years later, and trained through the Young Yoga Institute under Hester as my tutor. Eventually qualified in March of 2007.

What styles and where do you teach? I teach Hatha yoga in the tradition of Iyengar, as Iyengar instructed the founder of the YYI, Winnie Young. She based her course materials on his teachings. Thus the style of yoga I teach is focused on holding of poses and the correct alignment of the body. I teach in the beautiful town of Nelspruit, a mixture of mountain views and bushveld, on the doorstep of the Kruger Park and Mozambique.

My story.

At the moment I am teaching both adult and teen classes. I am constantly in awe of the difference that yoga asanas can make to people’s health and well being. How it can transform posture. Elderly woman with rounded upper backs grow tall and more flexible. I have a friend who can now wear flip-flop type sandals – for the first time at

53 years old – due to the effect of yoga on strengthening her feet. When I see a row of young teenagers lying in savasana, completely relaxed, I feel so grateful that I can give them a small window of peace in their chaotic world. So rewarding to see a young unconditioned body start to grow in awareness and strength.


Lauren Mensikovas, 30 years old, Yoga instructor.

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga? I started practicing in 1998 and teaching in 2007.

What styles and where do you teach? I teach Power Vinyasa according to the Baptiste Method as well as Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Babies (aged 6 weeks – almost crawling) & toddlers (aged crawling – 2 years). I currently teach at the Zen Studio in Tableview as well as Back to Basics in Blouberg, Chi-Netix in Gardens and Jai Yoga in The Spearhead building at the Foreshore.

My yoga story.

My first yoga experience was an Ashtanga class in London, 1998. The minute I stepped out of that class, I knew yoga was in my future. I had fallen in love with the physical practice.

Over the next few years, I practiced different styles, including Sivananda, Hatha, Ashtanga and Power yoga, enjoying all of the forms and learning from each one, but when I moved to the USA, I stumbled upon a studio in Dallas, Texas, where they teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and after my first class, I knew I had found my style and that’s when I decided to become a yoga instructor.

I attended multiple workshops, training seminars & certifications, lead by many different teachers, including master teacher, Baron Baptiste.

My background is in childcare, so I wanted to incorporate all my years in this field into my yoga “world”, so I attended an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Training and am now able to bring the joys of yoga into the lives of babies, toddlers & their parents.

I found the physical practice of yoga very exciting and saw my body change and my strength increase. I was seeing myself able to do things with my body that I would never have dreamed of doing before, but after a while, I realized that the practice of yoga goes far beyond the physical postures.

I noticed the difference in how I began to treat other people and most importantly how I began to treat myself. Yoga comes from within once you’ve found that deeper connection to yourself. I saw how important it was to practice non-violence towards yourself, your body and towards others.

I found that yoga encourages an appreciation towards community and connection to others. It re-awakens our inner curiosity about ourselves and our world as well as being a powerful way to develop and maintain physical vitality, mental clarity and a joyful engagement with life. It aids people to find the subtle connections between the breath, body, mind, and emotions

As a yoga instructor, my goal is to help provide students with a safe haven where they can benefit from the grounding, stress-reducing gifts of yoga.



Trygve Skorge, Microlight flying instructor, photographer and graphic artist.

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga? I started practicing TM meditation in 1989 in Hannover and then moved on to yoga but really became serious about it when I discovered Kundalini yoga in 2002. I  began teaching my own blend of yoga, which I’ve called Prana Yoga, which is a mixture of Hatha, kundalini and tantric yoga, in 2009.

What styles and where do you teach?
Prana yoga is a special fusion of Hatha, Kundalini & Tantric Yoga honoring your body, mind & spirit. Besides the usual warming up, balancing & stretching exercises, of which many postures & exercises are from Hatha yoga, we chant, meditate & do many exercises synchronizing movement & breath, raising our kundalini energy from our root chakra to the higher chakras, transforming it into spiritual energy and preparing us for higher levels of consciousness as well as ensuring a healthy, balanced, physical, mental and emotional life.

I teach Prana yoga classes in Tokai and Saltriver.

My yoga story.

I discovered Kundalini yoga on a tantric weekend workshop with Axle Rudin in Hout Bay in 2002. One of the activities on the course was a short kundalini yoga session, facilitated by Sat Siri, which absolutely blew my mind. It felt like a homecoming to me, something I was always meant to do. Since then I’ve spent many early morning hours in our studio practicing the various kriyas and chants, finding that I have become more balanced, harmonious, patient and a better person in general. I felt a need to share the benefits of the yoga I was practicing and so incorporated my interest in the tantra, health and fitness and kundalini yoga into a fusion that is something unique.

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