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Calendar of Events & Workshops July/August 2010

July 5, 2010

10 – 11 July 2010: Knysna – Lotus Studio

David Jacobs – Iyengar Yoga Workshops: This weekend workshop is open to all students of yoga. During the 2 days David will offer an intensive in Iyengar Yoga. Each day session will include asana and pranayama. A rare opportunity to work with a senior teacher and focus on precision and alignment.

Contact Nicki Friedlein;; 0834101320;

10  July 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

DETOX CLASS with Anton: TIME: 11.30am – 2.00pm, COST: R108, BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

17 July 2010: Claremont, Cape Town

Indian Vegetarian Cookery Class: Surprise yourself and learn how to bring a clever blend of lavish dishes into your own kitchen! Foods are simple and quick to prepare, yet nutritious and uniquely flavoursome. Ingredients are fresh, colourful, additive free and wonderfully fragrant. 13:00 – 16:00, R200 SARYTA members / R230 non-members

Contact: Marjolein Gamble / / 021 671 4068

17 -18 July: Living Yoga – Joburg

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Jules Febre: Jules will be giving 5, 2 hour Jivamukti Classes as per the following dates and times. All held at Living Yoga Johannesburg: Friday 16th July 6-8pm / Saturday 17th July (Morning) 9-11am (Evening) 5:00-7:00pm / Sunday 18th July (Morning) 9-11am (Evening) Advanced Class 5:00-7:00pm.

Contact: Sarah / /

17  July 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

KNOW YOUR BODY & SET IT FREE with Atma: All of life’s experiences form our identity, our sense of self. When we choose to integrate our sensory expressions through conscious movement, we form a harmonious, coherent & holistic Body Mandala. TIME: 2.00pm – 6.00pm
COST : R390

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

18 July: KarmaShala Yoga Studio WC

A workshop with Hylton Jaggard: A workshop with Hylton is physically challenging, deeply rejuvenating and relaxing. He couples his ability to articulate instructions in a simple way, with an expertise in physical adjustments.

Contact: Karma Shala / /

24 & 31  July 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS COURSE with Melanie de Villiers: Discover your own authentic inner flow through this clear & concise introduction to Ashtanga Yoga… The Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Workshop is designed to open the world of Yoga to new Yogis who are wanting to find
their feet & open their hearts.TIME: 2.00pm – 5.30pm; COST: R400

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

24  July 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

KUNDALINI YOGA FULL MOON TRANCE DANCE: A vibrant combintion of movement, breath, chants, introspection and projection. Being yourself is a beautiful expression of the divine. The best way to spend your Saturday nights – includes light dinner… TIME: 7.00pm – 9.30pm; COST: R140

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

27 -29 July: The Blue Butterfly – WC

HATHA YOGA RETREAT with Cheryl Lancellas: Chakras are the centre piece of the Yogic energetic model of man. Once they are properly energized and activated the corresponding physical regions are rejuvenated and a higher quality of living is experienced. Learn all about the chakras, how to cleanse, activate and energise them by doing specific yoga asanas and pranayamas.

Contact: Cheryl / / 084 090 2083

28 July – 1 August 2010: Haum of Yoga, Joburg

Haum of Yoga Teacher Training/ Self mastery course – Module 2: This particular Module 1 and 2 will be Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga specific, and will join up with the Indi Yoga Teacher Training Module 3 and 4 (in November and December) [Indi Yoga Teacher Training Module 1 (8-12 September) and  Module 2 (6-10 October)].

Contact: Kerry / / 084 800 4444

30 July – 1 August 2010: Waterfall Retreat Centre

Releasing the Body, Resting the Mind: This weekend retreat offers an opportunity to explore different styles of yoga to release tension in the body, such as Yin, Anusara-style and Vinyasa Flow. It will also serve as an introduction to Buddhist teacher, Rob Nairn’s 8-week Mindfulness Course. The mindfulness training presents techniques which allow us to rest the mind and, over time, develop loving kindness and compassion for ourselves and those around us. We are delighted to be hosting Lucy Dixon-Clarke, the light hearted yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Contact: Kerri / / 0795160071

6 -9 August 2010: Jeffreys Bay

SPIRALS RENEWAL RETREAT: Enjoy a healing weekend of yoga, tai chi, dancing and walking in Jeffreys Bay as you connect to nature and reawaken the inner self. Express creativity and find direction in NLP and art sessions. Revive the body and mind in individual therapy sessions. Eat organic vegetarian food and enjoy free time for reflection and relaxation.

Contact: Maria Stander, 082 3931120 / /

26 August 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

SADHANA – To celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday: TIME: 4.30am – 7.00am; COST: Donation

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

27 August 2010: Gururamdas Studio – WC

RADIANT BODY YOGA RETREAT Anton & Ilana: Fresh from the Radiant Body White Tantric European Yoga Festival. At this retreat we’ll share everything we’ve experienced. COST: R1800-sharing / R2500-single, Early Bird Discount less R250, before 21st July

Contact Gururamdas Studio;;

27 – 29 August 2010: The Blue Butterfly – WC

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RETREATwith Jim Harrington: A private retreat facilitated by Jim Harrington for those doing the Yoga Teacher Training.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in Jim’s 5 month part time or one month intensive teacher training courses, please visit: ~

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