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Flowing with Life

July 5, 2010

Throughout my life, I have always had a natural curiosity about life and the human condition which has led to a serious book addiction. I often find that I have overloaded myself with information which just sifts through my brain. But every now and again, I read or hear something that really sticks because it definitely makes sense and I experience a light bulb moment.

I had such a moment recently when I attended John Veltheim’s public lecture. John is the founder of BodyTalk and his talks are always fascinating and inspiring. However he said something that really put my work and the holistic approach into greater perspective and I thought that would be interesting to share with you.

According to the principles of quantum physic, we understand that the body-mind is made of varying layers of frequencies, the physical body vibrating at the lowest or most dense frequency and the chakras and meridians that we can’t see with the naked eye vibrate at higher frequencies.

Traditional systems of healing such as medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, nutritional supplementation and massage for example, work on the actual physical body dealing with physical symptoms and acute pain. These interventions are all basically first aid measures.

Then we get to the realm of energy medicine which includes modalities such as homeopathy, flower essences and acupuncture.  Working with the higher energy layer frequency also effects change at the physical level.

When we work with understanding our fears and belief systems through counselling and psychotherapy, we are working with the level of the mind. This will then effects change down to the vital energy body as well as the physical body.

The supramental level is the most powerful level we can work on – it is the realm of consciousness, and this is the level at which BodyTalk works. As we work on this level, profound and dramatic shifts occur within our consciousness, minds, vital and physical bodies. I also believe that this is the level at which yoga works.

There is a place for all these modalities and often we do need to address a physical issue more acutely. You will also find that you will resonate more strongly with a modality at a particular time in your life. By being at Woodlands, where we work with many modalities, I have found that powerful and tangible healing occurs when working at all these levels, gently opening your heart to your own wisdom, divinity and perfection.

With love and healing,

Dr Ela

Dr Ela is a General Practitioner as well as a BodyTalk practitioner whose approach is integrated and focused on the Mind Body connection, who leads the Woodlands Centre for Wellbeing and Spa, 082 330 6915,

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