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Studio News – July 2010

July 5, 2010

SAT CHIT ANAND – Plettenberg Bay.

SAT CHIT ANAND is a Sanskrit expression, which means truth – consciousness – bliss. Get in touch with the Truth of your being. Live consciously and mindfully. Let go of all worldly cares and concerns and experience the bliss of being here and now.

The founders of Sat Chit Anand, Leela Verity and Maurice Barker, (her partner), share that the approach of Sat Chit Anand is non-sectarian – “The all is in the One, the One is in the all.” They feel that spirituality is the bridge that enables us to transcend the differences between religions and live in the transcendent Truth.

Your very being is Sat Chit Ananda: eternal existence, pure consciousness, absolute bliss.

Leela has found through her own experience and enquiry that all religions point to the same Truths, expressed in different ways. The Buddhist and Vedanta teachings are especially helpful on a practical level as they inform one “how to”, and this practical aspect seems to be missing in some religions that are based on faith alone. The Buddhist teachings on the mind and meditation, and the Vedanta teachings on Self-knowledge, are very precious and can be utilized by people of all faiths. Leela feels that yoga is more than physical exercise; it also incorporates the spiritual dimension.

Sat Chit Anand offers weekly yoga classes and in addition to this they have 3 fully-equipped, self-catering, luxury cottages with beautiful park-like garden settings and peaceful surroundings, close to the beach. The cottages may be booked for holiday rentals and private retreats.

There are a variety of options on offer: weekly yoga and meditation classes, Buddhist or other spiritual teachings, yoga and meditation retreats, very popular spiritual movie nights, occasional teachings by international visiting lamas and guest teachers, self retreats and personal reflection with an interfaith meditation space/sanctuary open to all. In addition, a variety of treatments from massage and reflexology can be enjoyed by wonderful local therapists at the on-site Wellness Centre.

Note from Editor (Nina): After visiting Sat Chit Anand and meeting Leela and Maurice, I realised that this is definitely a fantastic place to come to for some time out. A safe and sacred space where one can do a lot of personal work and reflection. I will definitely be going back.

Longstone Rd, Plettenberg Bay/ /


YOGA LIFE – De Waterkant, Cape Town.

Yoga Life is Cape Town’s latest addition to a burgeoning yoga culture. Situated opposite Cape Quarter in the vibrant and trendy area of De Waterkant, the Urban Zen styled studio exhibits the perfect balance of nature and nurture. Three floors comprise a beautiful and calming space with two practice rooms, a meditation space, changing area and showers designed to house an extensive menu of classes and workshops. State of the art yoga towels, a range of Yoga Shmoga and Strip clothing, mats and accessories are available in the registration area. Yoga Life is a space that invites a tranquil disposition, once inside students easily swap the stresses of the city for the more elevated state of mind that yoga brings.

Classes include anything from basic to advanced levels of Vinyasa and a style they call Hot 26, similar to Bikram, Some of the classes are conducted in a temperature of 41 degrees to assist with deep stretching and detoxification. Zazen is a form of seated meditation designed to calm the body and mind and experience insight into the nature of existence. With an abundance of class times to suit any schedule, easy parking options and highly professional classes from a range of teachers we are privileged to have access to, Yoga Life is set to be a huge contribution to yoga in Cape Town. First timers will find an easy entrance to yoga with amazing beginner specials coupled with the yogic attributes of kindness and compassion that emanate from this beautiful studio space.

Yoga Life at 127 Waterkant Street, Cape Town

Tel: 021 418 2884 / Email: Web:


Bikram Yoga Fourways
Hello Dearest Yogis,
Please note that the studio will be closed on 8th & 9th of July 2010 for the last bit of renovations in the hot room. Unlimited class passes will be extended by 2 days. Thank you for your patience and support, the renovations will be all over very soon.
Tamara Basmadjian Markatselis

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