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Designing your Dream Image Wish Board

August 2, 2010

Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I not getting it right, why do I have a wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes, but never seem to feel good in anything? Or, why do I feel tempted to buy something when I am at the clothing stores, but as soon as I arrive home, I feel that I’ve bought a huge fashion ‘blunder’? Sounds familiar? Maybe you feel that nothing ever really looks good on you, or you are relying too much on the advice of others, instead of following your own ‘gut’ feel. Whatever your frustration, it is possible for you to become a shopping expert as well as LOOK AMAZING and FEEL GREAT about your image and your body.

I am going to help you design a ‘wish board’ for your dream image. A wish board can be a pin-board made of felt/cardboard. You use it to put up pictures of the things you would like to have in your life. This way, your wishes become much more ‘real’. Remember what the mind can conceive, it can achieve… I would recommend that you add pictures that apply to every area of your life, not just your image.

Let’s start changing that dream image of yours into reality!

I would like you now to take out a recent picture of yourself and keep it with you while reading this section. This is your starting point; this is YOU right now, right here. Have a good look at it, the ‘good’ and the ‘not so good’. It’s all you.

I would like you to pin this picture onto your wish board. You will replace it with your ‘dream image’ soon.

Who am I? This is the most important place to start.

How do I see myself and what are my current roles in life?

Visualisation: First have a good look at your recent photo. Now close your eyes and see yourself doing the one activity you spend the most time doing in your life. Notice the sounds, colours and people around you. Now notice what you are wearing, style and colours, hair style, and accessories. How are you feeling?

Who do I want to be?

What are my dreams, goals, desires and aspirations for me and my life?

Visualisation: Close your eyes again. This time see yourself as how you want to be. This is your ‘dream image’ of yourself. If money and time were no problem, what would you be doing (your most favourite activity – your passion)? Who would be around you? Which colours and sounds would surround you? What would you be wearing? How are you feeling while you are picturing this image of yourself?

To make this exercise more effective I recommend that you draw a picture of your second visualization. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw well, this is just for yourself. Alternatively find a picture in a magazine which closely represents it. You can even make a small collage: cut out different pictures and stick them all together onto your wish-board, next to the recent photo of yourself. Give your imagination free reign…


Suzaan was born in Cape Town and has been working as an Image and EQ Consultant in Cape Town and Johannesburg since 1998. She uses a combination of modalities, such as Psychology and Spirituality, to inspire, effect positive change, and bring about psychological adaptability and spiritual growth in her clients. Suzaan has an Honours Degree in Psychology (University of Port Elizabeth), but firmly supports a holistic healing approach targeting body, mind and

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