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Yoga & You August 2010 – Student Lisa Cowley

August 2, 2010

Lisa Cowley, 30, International model

Began practicing yoga at 20. Started with Iyengar and ended up focusing on Bikram, Vinyasa and Kundalini

I started because I needed an all-round health and fitness routine. I loved what yoga was doing for my body and health. These days I alternate between yoga and gym, but when I go through a yoga craze, I’ll go to class everyday if not twice a day.

My home studio is definitely Yogazone! I practice heated Vinyasa and Bikram most. If I can throw in the odd kundalini or hatha yoga class, then I’m a happy, balanced girl.

I started Iyengar yoga in Camps Bay with a fantastic couple who taught me the fundamentals of my yoga poses. I feel that through this, my poses are more aligned and I have more awareness of my body and therefore my poses. From there I gravitated to YogaZone, and though I’ve drifted from one yoga studio to another, nothing makes me feel as good as Hot yoga! Yoga Zone is a bit of an addiction and I have to go everyday. When I skip a day, it’s on my mind constantly until I get my next fix. Who would’ve thought yoga could be so powerful?

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