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Healthy Living for Pets and Humans alike

September 5, 2010

We all acknowledge that healthy eating and living improves your quality of life and longevity. We now easily consult with Dieticians, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Herbalists, and Iridologists. We work out in gyms; perform Tai Chi, Pilates. We meditate and we practise Yoga.

True enlightenment means understanding all the facades of our material, emotional and spiritual world. The enlightened person applies the same moral principles when approaching life and its challenges. Yet, when it comes to the treatment of our companion animals, the same enlightened person does not necessarily apply the same and equal principles of enlightenment.

For example, almost every person acknowledges the positive impact that a natural, wholesome and organic diet can have on health and longevity. Any one in the know will tell you of the poor impact that heat, processing and preservatives have on nutrients and their minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Yet when it comes to feeding our loving animals, we are happy to throw dried pellets at them, a product that is exposed to extreme temperatures of up to 200 degrees, laden with harsh preservatives and saturated with inferior fats and digestives.

The transition to healthy, natural and organic food has made major inroads in the human consumer market. Almost all supermarkets now stock a range of natural and organic foods. This is a world wide trend and it was initiated by consumer demands for a healthy, preservative free and natural lifestyle. Incorrect diets have explained so many of our common human ailments and sickness.

This same trend is prominent in the pet food industry and last year the demand for organic pet food increased by 63% in The United States. If you include natural and home-cooked meals then this percentage would be much higher.

Logic has to prevail. Healthy, nutritious meals are wonderful for our own well being and have explained the cure of many disease and ailment. The same applies for our beloved dogs and cats, which deserve nothing less than real, preservative free and natural food.

Dogs and cats have lived with humans for thousands of years and their traditional diet consisted of unprocessed, mostly uncooked, raw food or leftovers. Yet, in the last 50 years the whole nutritional base of our animals has shifted to highly processed and chemically-laden foods, an abrupt change from a natural diet that lasted thousands of years.

While the manufacturers claim that our pets can thrive on a diet consisting of nothing but commercial pet food, research and an increasing number of veterinarians implicate processed pet food as a source of disease or as an exacerbating agent for a number of degenerative diseases.


Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition has been producing natural pet food for 14 years and is a registered nutritional pet food. Vondis is actively involved in educating the public on the benefits of natural diets for pets and a holistic approach when treating them. The product is promoted and stocked by a wide spectrum of vets, homeopaths, health stores and pet shops.

Vondi’s is REAL food, and without a doubt the best nutrition you can get for your pet. The cooking process and ingredients, including REAL meat, REAL veggies, olive oil and FRESHLY picked herbs makes our product unique AND it is priced better than your premium brands

59 Regent Road Sea Point / Tel: (021) 439 1784 /

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