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International Yoga Conference

September 5, 2010

In the last few years the world over there has been an increasing acceptance of yoga – some people choose to practice yoga for physical fitness, while others have been practicing yoga to manage stress and enhance well-being. Most people who practice yoga and experience its benefits may not need scientific research on yoga to enhance this experience. However, the question of how and why yoga works is of general interest.   To further this aim The First International Conference on Yoga for Health and Social Transformation will be held at Haridwar in north India between Jan 2 and 5, 2011.

The conference is being organized by The University of Patanjali and the parent organization, Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar, India (, which has been active in disseminating the practice of yoga to the homes of millions of people across the world through the innovative teaching of the founder (Swami Ramdev) via satellite television. This conference will bring together leading international scientists and yoga practitioners to speak on the mechanisms underlying the benefits of yoga and its applications in health, medicine and society.

The confirmed speakers include faculty from institutions in India such as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and from outside India as well; Harvard Medical School, USA, Oxford University, UK and many other speakers from elsewhere in the US Brazil, and Italy. There will be yoga scholars as well so that the conference aims to blend present-day scientific knowledge with the wisdom from the ancient texts so that yoga can be practiced with knowledge of both.

We hope that yoga enthusiasts and practitioners will use this opportunity to interact with speakers from both systems of knowledge. Various applications in health, as a therapy, and for society, (for example adding yoga to the school curriculum or teaching yoga to people in prisons), will be covered during the conference. Apart from the invited talks there will be papers presented by research scholars.

Finally, the conference venue is in Haridwar a place sacred to all yoga enthusiasts, which has many places of interest nearby related to yoga, meditation and spiritual practice.

If this sounds interesting to you, (and we hope that it does), do write to us at


Shirley Telles has a degree in conventional medicine and a Ph.D. in neurophysiology. She is active in yoga research and in practicing yoga.

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  1. September 7, 2010 6:27 pm

    I practise Iyengar yoga in South Africa and time does not permit me to attend this conference. I might be interested next year. You can send me yoga corresponse and if there is any information you require from South Africa, please let me know.

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