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Kooky Creativity

September 5, 2010

Spring is here and with it comes renewed energy, rebirth and creativity. But focusing on inward healing and inward spring is only fruitful when we turn it inside-out. Winter causes many of us to hibernate in many different ways and spring brings the opportunity to once again come out of our shells and share our love with those around us.

Sometimes those closest to us need to feel our love first as we tend to neglect them more easily because of proximity. So in order to spread the renewal and creativity of spring, I am presenting a three course meal that is a little kooky but tast-e-licious, great for summer, and a lovely way to share an afternoon or evening with your partner, family or friends.

Remember that your own creative identity is located in the throat chakra (vishudda), so take this month to really hear what you say – about yourself, to yourself, about others and to others. Listen to whether your words are words that create or words that break, affirmative words or critical words. Give yourself the freedom to be creative, to falter sometimes, to learn, to move on, to forgive, to love, and always to renew. Happy spring!


Hors d’oeuvre

Crazy Cucumber Crunch


1/4 cucumber, cut into sticks (vitamin A and magnesium)

1 Naartjie, peeled and divided into slices (the dried peel of a naartjie is used to regulate a person’s chi, or life energy, in traditional Chinese medicine)

Pickled ginger pieces (nature’s anti-inflammatory)

Wasabi tower (awakens you into the NOW – this is purely my interpretation just in case you feel like quoting!)

Wok sauce (to drizzle over platter) (flatters the taste buds, and we all need a little flattering every now and then)

200ml apple sauce (placed in a separate, small bowl) (great for dietary fibre and vitamin A)


Cut the cucumber into sticks and serve with the naartjie, pickled ginger pieces and apple sauce. Make a Wasabi tower on your plate and then drizzle Wok sauce over the platter.

Serves two.


Main Course

Audacious Avo Ritz


2 avocados, halved (vitamin E)

4 tbsp cucumber hummus (you can buy this variety or make it yourself by adding and blending cucumber with regular hummus) (cucumber benefits already mentioned above and chickpea which is zinc and protein)

Butternut, cubed (about 6-12 small cubes), cooked (vitamin C)

Sundried tomato, 4-8 slices, depending on size (also vitamin C and magnesium)

Sunflower seeds, to taste and as garnish (more vitamin E – nature’s way of staying younger-looking – and it hurts less than botox)

Pepper, to taste and as garnish (for fun)

Dried organic basil, to taste and as garnish (because basil is so tasty)


Halve the avocados and remove the pips. Now place 1 tablespoon of cucumber hummus down the middle of each avocado half. Place about 3 blocks of cubed and cooked butternut (per avocado half) on top of the cucumber hummus. Now place a slice or two of sundried tomato on top of the butternut. To garnish, sprinkle the sunflower seeds, pepper and dried organic basil over the avocado and onto the plate. Serve cold.

Serves two.



Chili Choc-straw Shake


20 strawberries (well, it’s so pretty and springy, and it’s good for you for real reasons too)

100 ml Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Sauce (if you struggle to find this, you can melt regular dark chocolate – 200g will do) (chocolate is what makes this planet famous after all)

1tsp dried chili flakes or ½ fresh chili (another ingredient to zap you straight into the NOW)

100ml soy cream, soy ice cream or soy milk (you can also use rice milk or oat milk, but for a thicker shake I recommend the ice cream – you can get Vanilla Tofu Treats (vegan ice cream) from your local health store (more vegan protein)


Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Be careful not to over-blend. Squirt some of the dark chocolate sauce into your milkshake glasses before adding the milkshake and place a strawberry on the side (or in the middle if that tickles your fancy) of the glasses. Presenting your shake this way will add to the delight of your whole experience.

Serves two.



Chantelle Van Heerden loves playing the piano and composing music. She teaches Yoga focusing on power yoga and Suyra Namaskar Classes. She is interested in the philosophy of Yoga and how we can incorporate it in modern living. Chantelle supports ethical living and veganism and has opened a vegan restaurant in Muizenberg Cape Town called Closer.

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