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Love your Body

September 5, 2010

Last month we chatted about creating a wish board for your dream image and anything else you would like to have in your life. The aim of doing this is to make your wishes become much more ‘real’ and achievable to you.

Before we start the process of changing ourselves, I believe that it’s important to learn how to accept ourselves just the way we are right now.

We all know the cliché: we are what we eat. Our physical bodies are the way we represent ourselves on earth and it is our responsibility to treat them as ‘temples’, as we are all gods and goddesses.

Having struggled with Anorexia Nervosa in my youth, I want to warn against obsessions to be and look perfect. Rather embrace the body that the Creator gave you, nurture and nourish it and it will be the beautiful, strong and healthy body you deserve to have.

When our bodies become sick, they are trying to communicate much deeper messages to us. For example: perhaps we need to slow down and rest more, exercise more/less, improve our diet, ‘honour’ our emotions more, transform our negative thinking patterns,  or release old anger and hurt from the past. Unresolved emotions and anger are literally stored in our body-tissue and eventually this causes energy blockages. This is the way any illness starts. When we take drugs to alleviate our symptoms, we are often simply treating symptoms and if we do not eliminate the underlying causes, the disease would simply be recreated in future, if not in the same body part, then elsewhere in the body.

I am not suggesting that you stop taking your chronic medication, or any medication pre-scribed to you for a specific ailment. So many people try to fix chronic headaches, sleeplessness, and the like, by popping tablets though, while never addressing the root causes of their problems. Try, as far as possible, to reduce the number of drugs you put into your body on a regular basis. You might actually lose weight in the process too, owing to your metabolism naturally speeding up.

How does one achieve a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating habits? Allow yourself to eat healthy foods in moderation and watch your weight stabilize itself. Of course you need to avoid any food you are allergic to! If your healthy eating plan is truly balanced, supplying you with all the nutrients your body needs, you’ll find that over time cravings will disappear and that your body would quickly let you know when you have gone overboard with rich, unhealthy food.

If you cannot stop eating certain unhealthy foods, or any food for that matter, in moderation, you need to find out WHY. If we look closely at our emotions whenever we feel like binging, or actually go on a binge, we would usually notice that we do not love ourselves very much during those moments. These are the times we tell ourselves how useless, inefficient, unattractive, and unlovable we are. So we stuff our bodies with foods that make us feel (and eventually look) exactly this way. If only we could stop for a moment to feel our emotions instead, we would prevent ourselves from damaging and punishing our bodies.


Emotion is the language of the soul (Gary Zukav). Emotions are messages from our ‘higher selves’/God/souls, trying to make us aware of what still needs to be healed within us. Therefore it is important to honour every emotion and not repress negative emotions. Repression could lead to depression, aggressive outbursts and in the long run even cancer.


Enough has been said about the benefits of a regular exercise regime. Find one that works for you and make sure you enjoy your favourite exercise at least three times a week, for an hour at a time. Even better, do it with your partner. Before you know it, you will be hooked on the endorphins, the natural ‘feel-good’ hormones released by our bodies during exercise.

Take action now to create your dream body and life-style. It is much easier than you think!


Suzaan was born in Cape Town and has been working as an Image and EQ Consultant in Cape Town and Johannesburg since 1998. She uses a combination of modalities, such as Psychology and Spirituality, to inspire, effect positive change, and bring about psychological adaptability and spiritual growth in her clients. Suzaan has an Honours Degree in Psychology (University of Port Elizabeth), but firmly supports a holistic healing approach targeting body, mind and

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