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Studio News – September 2010

September 5, 2010

New Moon Yoga Studio

Set amongst the Milkwood trees, within the sound of the ocean, the New Moon Yoga Studio in Hermanus brings together a variety of teachers and styles on yoga.

For those who want a serious workout, Linky, qualified with Africa Yoga, describes her style as “an aerobic, powerful, flowing form of yoga – I like to strengthen & tone the core and upper body especially”

Dean, qualified in India, leads a slower practice based on classic Hatha yoga postures – Atma Vikasa. He concentrates on alignment and symmetry, holding the postures to understand them fully. Students leave the class feeling peaceful

Pauline, also trained in India, teaches Prana Vashya yoga, and describes her classes as “a moderately paced, deep flow, concentrating on balance and breath control.”

Ezanne, who qualified with Jim Harrington here in CT, has a deep, gentle but dynamic ashtanga/ vinyasa style class.

Contact Persons: Linky McIntosh /


Lotus Studio:

The Answer is Yoga, by Nicki Friedlein.

And the question? Over the past few weeks, since announcing my decision to step away from the “front mat” for a while, the Lotus teachers have been discussing ways in which we might hold our beautiful yoga space and keep all of your favourite classes going. One clear answer has emerged that offers a practical solution and a positive way forward. This answer is Yoga: Union.

I am delighted to confirm that Lotus Studio will be remaining open for practice and will be operated by a collective co-operation between the current teachers plus a few new Lotuses. Our intention is to continue to offer you a serene, dedicated space in which to practice yoga and other mind-body disciplines and to teach with commitment and from the heart in a way that honours you.

From October 1 Jane Treffry-Goatley has kindly volunteered to be “house-mother” for our yoga community and a central point of contact. I will continue to inform you of classes and events in monthly newsletters. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the teachers to you, note the new timetable and to explain briefly how the “admin” will work from 1 October.

Please feel free to contact any of the teachers directly if you have questions. Thank you for your continued support!

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