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Yoga & You September 2010 – Travel

September 5, 2010

Issue #1…*Journey from head to heart…*

It was in 2008, after a friend’s passing and feeling that I was  “treating” my clients (some of them for 8-10 years) for the wrong reason- money and fame, that I decided to take sabbatical and journey to Europe. The intention of the trip was to see what the UK had to offer in terms of work and living prospects, as well as a trip to Bad Antogast, Germany for a Sri Sri Ayurveda Massage Course & Art of Living Part III Meditation Course. This is my journey from head to heart:

I left South Africa on the 1st July 2008 after moving out of my Parkhurst home & work place and de-materializing to just a few boxes and furniture. Having family and friends in London and surrounding areas I was able to enjoy the sights, but was not very impressed with the weather and mentality of the UK folk. Every morning I woke up feeling depressed and it was thanks to my strong Sadhana, (Spiritual practice), which consisted on Yoga, Meditation &  Kriya- a breathing technique taught by the AOL, that got me through those 6 weeks. One thing I noted was that I was able to experience such deep emotion, aware of my thoughts and became the observer of this once-in-a-lifetime-experience. I remember one day on the high-streets of Leeds being stopped by several Red-Cross Representatives at different locations, asking for donations. Eventually I asked one of them “why was I being stopped by you guys in Red” and he replied by saying that I was approachable, since I had a happy smile and an open face, a decision I made while taking the public transport. Whenever I could feel my face relax, I would consciously “fake it till I made it”. This was my second lesson – the first being to trust in the process!

Feeling connected to others and light of worry about material stuff I began to experience positive emotions of joy, contentment and appreciation.

In mid-August I flew to Germany and landed in the Baden Baden and made my way deep into the Black Forest, my home for the coming weeks. I had been to our Indian, Bangalore Ashram in 2007 for Sri Sri Yoga Teachers Training, which had started my fascination with Ayurveda and the powerful healing one experiences when in tune with one’s true nature. Now I was about to learn the Ancient massage techniques of Abhyanga, Shirodhara & Marma.


Claire Stephenson has been a Wellness Consultant for the past twelve years! As well as Yoga & Ayurveda, she is also a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist & Facial Therapist. Cell: 082 338 8001, e-mail:

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