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Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Sexy this Spring

October 7, 2010

Last month I invited you to commit to your health and fitness. How are you doing, seeing results yet? Remember not to get discouraged if the results take a bit longer than you imagined, just keep going…

Spring is here and romance is in the air!

How to Get Yourself Ready for that Special Date

It is perfectly natural to want to impress someone we have just met. Here are a few tips on how to look your very best.

What to wear

Remember that a winning image starts with a good self-image. Your external image does indeed reflect to a very large extent, the way you see yourself and feel about yourself. Many of us carry around an image that does not positively reflect the messages we want to convey to others.  Often we simply do not love ourselves enough and end up neglecting ourselves.

Although a negative self-esteem needs to be built up from the inside, improving your external image would certainly help you change the way you see yourself. If you know you look great, you are likely to radiate more confidence. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the way you are treated by others.

To put your perfect, sexy outfit together, you need to choose a style that suits your personality, body shape, and the occasion. Colour is also important, as each colour communicates a specific message. Bright orange, for example, is not only trendy, but is also a fun, playful and sexy colour. Peachy orange sends a softer, sensual message…. Take your age into account as well. The last thing you want to look like is ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ on your date! Also remember that being sexy does not necessarily mean wearing revealing garments. Most men agree that a woman looks sexier when something is left to the imagination, as opposed to being half-naked.

Sexiness has often been defined as feeling and acting comfortable in one’s own skin. So, choose an outfit in which you feel like yourself. For example, if you are the natural type and do not like a lot of jewellery and make-up, choosing a very busy outfit with lots of ‘bling’ would make you feel uncomfortable and send out the wrong message  to your date. However, you do need to make some effort to look your best and enhance your natural assets. Grooming is vital: ensure that your skin is silky smooth and that your hands, feet and hair are looking immaculate. Do wear some make-up, even if it’s just mascara, concealer and lipstick.

Guys, choose colours and styles that reflect who you are, that suit your skin tone and body shape, but at the same time indicate respect for your partner and the occasion. Too many guys still arrive at the theatre at night, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Push yourself out of that comfort zone and see what happens. Most women appreciate this kind of effort tremendously.

Grooming is key for you as well: hands, nails, feet (please get rid of those rough heels), hair and skin, breath and body odour, are all in the forefront when we go on a date.

Also, ladies and gentlemen: make an effort to find out what some of the latest fashion trends are and then incorporate them subtly into your outfit. You certainly don’t have to become a fashion victim to please your date, but most people would be at least slightly turned off by someone wearing an outfit which is obviously outdated/scruffy looking.

What to say

Are you shy and don’t know what to talk about when you go on a date? The first step is to get excited about who you are and what you have to offer another person. There is nobody else on the planet with your special blend of interests, skills and traits. Learn how to celebrate your uniqueness, and forgive yourself for your ‘weaknesses’. Remember, our so- called weaknesses are what make us human. Poor self-esteem is the cause of shyness. Once you find out how to validate yourself, you start to radiate more confidence. Always leave your ego at home though!


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Suzaan was born in Cape Town and has been working as an Image and EQ Consultant in Cape Town and Johannesburg since 1998. She uses a combination of modalities, such as Psychology and Spirituality, to inspire, effect positive change, and bring about psychological adaptability and spiritual growth in her clients. Suzaan has an Honours Degree in Psychology (University of Port Elizabeth), but firmly supports a holistic healing approach targeting body, mind and

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