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Yoga & Yoga October 2010 – Travel

October 7, 2010

Issue #2…

Back in the Black Forest, Germany, the Sri Sri Ayurveda Massage training started with a Part III- Silence Meditation Course, in the presence of our Guru- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I was taken by the beauty, peace and sense of family, that I asked him if I could stay and do Seva (selfless service) in the Ayurveda Center. During the
Course I had the most profound experience, since “the healer has to heal oneself” and I felt myself de-constructing further- stripping my ego and finally connecting with my inner-child. I had always thought of myself in a particular way, as a warrior&  survivor and associated myself with the successful practice I had built and the plaque on the wall outside. Now, I was no longer any of these things, free from constructs and boxes. For this, I decided to return back to Bad Antogast, after a 6-week working holiday in SA!

On my return to the Black Forest in November 2008, I was now one of only fifteen Ashramites and thought to myself “what am I doing here”, but soon realized that there was more learning to be had- since I was here
to explore my newly found inner-child and being in the Ashram was the safest place as any to start growing-up again… My first challenge was the dynamics of “feeling alone”. Since each of us are on a personal journey- one ends up feeling this way, though lesson no. three was that this is also an illusion! And while I took long walks in the forest alone – I felt soo connected to the nature and surrounds. Lesson no. four was a little more difficult though… Since I always believed that “I’m the doer and creator of my universe” I fell into an old pattern of over-working. I believed that “Seva was selfless” and worked 21 days without a break (that includes the long forest walks). During our busiest time, the Ashram fills up to 500 + for the Winter Part III Courses and as an Ashramite we are there to take care and I my case- facilitate their Healing process. This was a learning curve all right and I decided to extend my stay in Germany and accept an offer to stay at the AOL Hamburg Center, where I facilitated Yoga and Ayurveda Treatments- in my own time and with plenty of rest!


Claire Stephenson has been a Wellness Consultant for the past twelve years! As well as Yoga & Ayurveda, she is also a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist & Facial Therapist. Cell: 082 338 8001, e-mail:

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