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Awaken to whole nutrition for human & pet

November 1, 2010

Whole nourishment comes from whole natural and enzyme-active foods that are not refined, processed or laden with preservatives or chemicals. The highest quality nourishment can be obtained from organic foods grown on fertile soil and raised without harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, and especially in the pet food industry, the only criteria for determining a healthy nutritious meal, is whether it is balanced. Not so long ago that reality hit home when hundreds of our beloved companion animals were sickened and died as a result of the inclusion on melamine in pet food. Melamine, a derivative from coal, shows a high protein content, but in reality is not only not nutritious but in fact dangerous.

Many food processing techniques utilize heat as a key parameter to produce pelleted pet food and canned pet food. The effects of heat processing are therefore well documented:

1. Protein structures in the food are altered.

2. Enzymes are effected and depending on the type of enzyme, could be irreversibly denatured with loss of activity

3. There is a loss of 50% of the B vitamins

4. A 70% loss of vitamin c

5. Mineral absorption is disrupted.

Understanding the dynamics of nutrition, it is no wonder that many of our companion animals are malnourished and suffer from a wide spectrum of illness. From skin conditions to digestive problems, cancer, diabetes, arthritics conditions, renal complications, heart disease, dental disease and epilepsy.

Dr.T.J Dunn puts it all in perspective: “During my 30 years of veterinary practice I have often been upset by the poor condition I see some of my canine patients in, due to inferior quality diets that the owner honestly believes to be adequate. In good faith the dog owner assumes that since the dog food label proclaims “complete and balanced”, ”premium”, ”high protein”, and so on, that their dog will automatically do great if that’s all it is fed. Because of ambiguous or deceptive labeling of the dog food, the owner unknowingly will feed an inadequate diet.”


Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives. In an industry that is dominated by large multi-nationals with massive advertising budgets, our stance on correct natural feeding, using REAL meat, REAL veggies, olive oil and FRESHLY picked herbs, has found much popularity, and it is economically priced. Vondi’s is actively involved in educating the public on the nutritional rights and demands of our cats and dogs, and we have had major success in curing the many common ailments and sickness that we find nowadays. We are proudly South African, completely transparent and aspire to a code of good business ethics, which includes supporting animal welfare organisations and animal rights /

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