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Brave Warriors

November 1, 2010

How to get involved with Brave.

This is a follow on article from Brave Warriors in the latest edition of YAA.

Here are ways in which you can get involved to help grow and support this project:

  • Refer your students, friends and family suffering from physical trauma. The foundation offers support from the earliest stages in ICU or hospital to years down the line.
  • Buy Brave products – recovery oils, soaps and gifts.
  • Studios can help by buying Brave yoga props for their studios and/or retailing them to students – blocks, eye bags, candles, neck pillows, meditation stools and yoga mats.
  • Consider making donations to Brave on behalf of your friends as presents on birthdays – you’ll be giving a gift to them and to someone who really needs the gift of hope.
  • Fundraising – volunteer to host workshops/part of a workshop at Brave, or donate a percentage of workshop fees to Brave (all donations are tax deductible).
  • Seva (selfless service) – volunteer on Brave days or work as a collective to make Brave products (beading, crocheting, labelling, packaging etc).
  • BraveTouch Massage, in which the Brave recovery oils are used in simple hand massages and relaxation practices – join the BraveTouch Angels who regularly take an afternoon to meet at a hospital and share the BraveTouch with the patients in the trauma units.
  • Join our team running the monthly Brave mobile clinic in needy communities.
  • Be Brave – join our volunteer yoga teachers group and be trained in the Brave method of yoga therapy and recovery, then adopt a Brave in recovery in your own area.

By giving of our time and energy, massaging someone’s hands, for example, or helping them at home with their Brave practice, visiting them or the nursing staff in hospital, we can plumb the depths of gratitude for our own mobility unimpaired bodies and bring seva to life. At all levels, not grassroots alone, there are so many people who sadly slip unaided and alone through the cracks of society’s social responsibility.

The foundation is also desperately trying to fulfil its goal of hosting a Recovery Intensive Retreat for those in recovery and their carers from all over South Africa, and even from other countries. If you have or know of a venue that is wheelchair friendly and a little out of the chaos of everyday life, but close to a hospital or medical facility if needed, that would be willing to sponsor the venue or offer it at reduced rates please consider getting involved.

Join the Brave Facebook group, Brave Recovery Warriors – it’s full of valuable information and insights from those in recovery. To contact Brave or to make a donation, SMS your name and brief details to Robyne on 083 680 4123 or email her on; Jennifer on 082 717 4825 or; or Tracey on 082 695 7736 or


Tracey Millen is a Brave Karma yogini in service to all Brave Warriors, especially those who have endured spinal cord injury.

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