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Calendar of Events November/December 2010

November 1, 2010

6 November 2010: JHB – Ekam Yoga Studio
Back-bending Workshop: Saturday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm · R200: We’re going to look at the back-bending sequence of the Ashtanga Intermediate series and how it builds strength and flexibility for more advanced back-bends. We’ll also spend some time overcoming our fears with drop-backs, tick-tocks, and review the importance and significance of back-bends within one’s yoga practice.
Contact: Sarah,,

7 November: Haum of Yoga Fourways
YOGA SUTRAS WORKSHOP: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as explained by Sanjay Mithal are the backbone to Yoga and simply, profoundly, each line or sutra contains a lesson about life that you have probably heard or thought of before, but offered here in a concise form, and in beautiful language that will offer insight into getting your head around old situations with a fresh new look. These tools or techniques offered by the Sutras are poetically offered (to bypass the cynical mind) and are completely accessible to our western minds and applicable to our current lifestyle. Price: R300, 9am – about 2pm
Contact: Kerry


12 November: Haum of Yoga Fourways
AYURVEDA talk: Prakruti Analysis, Diet & Lifestyle: Every person has a Unique Constitution= Prakruti. This can also mean “our True Nature”… Find out your specific prakruti (own true nature) as classified in the Ayurvedic tradition and through your Dosha, get tips and tools for Diet & Lifestyle applicable specifically to your Dosha, to manage your life and your energy levels with a little more useful information to live a happy and healthy life! Please join us for an interactive and informative morning  @ 10:15am- 11:45am, R150
Contact: Kerry


13 November: Precision Pilates Studio, Plett
Backbends in Depth with Eve Cunard: 09.30 -12.30. A slow exploration of the mysteries of the spine. Working from the ground with the breath we begin to undo and lengthen, evoking the powerful opening movement of the backbend. Cost R300
Contact Eve 082 09927 39,


19 – 21 November 2010: WC – Greyton
Yoga retreat with Jonathan Blumberg: A relaxing Yoga retreat with Jonathan Blumberg, one of SA’s most senior and experienced teachers. Under the Mountain Yoga Centre is in the small village of Greyton, 150 km east of Cape Town.
Contact: Under the Mountain Yoga Centre;

19 – 231 November 2010: The Blue Butterfly: Tulbagh
Hatha Yoga Retreat: 4 nights and 5 days, This is a ‘back to basics’ yoga retreat. Strengthen your support system, move with improved stability and learn balanced execution of asanas (yoga postures). Get in touch with your core; the secret to a stable and strong body. Enjoy light, nutritious meals to help eliminate toxins from the body. All course material, meals, accommodation for 5 full days: R2500 per person OR R1200 for just 3 full days (19 – 21 Nov). All ages and levels of fitness welcome. Numbers are limited to 8 participants only.
Contact Cheryl on 084 090 2083 or 022 972 1636 /


20 November 2010: WC – Maynardville Park
Biggest Yoga Class in Africa: The Art of Living is hosting the biggest yoga class in Africa! This amazing class will take place at the open air Maynardville Park in Wynberg at 10 am. No previous yoga experience necessary. Just come and join in the fun and be sure to be counted! To secure your place please arrive by 9.45am. Throughout the day, you can enjoy an entertaining festival, with live music and eclectic acts, delicious food and a safe, fun children’s corner. Relax at the wellness tent, and delight in all the lovely goodies that the stalls have to offer! Entrance is free before 10am, R20 thereafter. Come enjoy the celebration of diversity by sharing our common humanity, spirituality, fun and festivity and click on the link to register for the Biggest Yoga class in Africa!
Contact: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus; 0832768868;


21 – 27 November: Gururamdas WC
SIDDHI: YOGI CLEANSE: Siddhi’s special cleansing programme is  designed to make changes, address any issues & leave you feeling positive, creative, productive & energised. By the end of the week your body & mind will feel light & squeaky clean! TIME: 7:15am – 8:45am, COST: R1600
Contact: Anton


21 – 27 November: Gururamdas WC
DDHI : AWAKENING OF THE CHAKRAS: Yogis with great knowledge were as familiar with the chakras as we are with our hands. They found that the awareness of ones depths as a human is tied to the awareness of the chakras. Through asanas, meditations, mantras & chakra mudra therapy series – you will learn how to create awareness of your chakras & activate your potential. Complete your day for one week in a beautiful way.
Contact: Anton


27 November: Lotus Studio Knysna
Morning Yoga Intensive with David Jacobs: 08:30-13:00. We will be working with asana that will prepare the hips and groins for Padmasana, the Lotus Pose. This classic seated posture requires patience and committed practice for many of us who are tight in the hip joints and unaccustomed to sitting on the ground. David will guide us through preparatory postures that will unravel rigidity and allow our Lotus to blossom.
Contact: Jane 083 469 3053;


1 December: Kamberg Valley
Yoga Retreat: A soul rejuvenating experience & warm welcome await you. Situated in the scenic Kamberg Valley with panoramic views of Ukhalhamba Drakensberg World Heritage Park.
Contact: Tracey;


3-5 December 2010: JHB – Magalies River
Melody Hill Workshop Retreat!: Come join us at Melody Hill, situated in a tranquil orchard of Pecan nut trees and riverside forest, nestled along the Magalies River for a yoga retreat with a difference! Shoulder and neck massage while you sit round the fire, back bending workshop with some green juice afterwards. Art movie and a SOUND JOURNEY by Derek Davey. Full vegetarian meals. A deposit of R850.00 needs to be paid by the latest on 25 October to secure your space. Be prepared for an amazingly uplifting and heart-opening back-bending workshop. ALL levels welcome! With a smile!
Contact: Susanna Smith,, 084 6095467


3-5 December 2010: Cliff House, The Heads, Knysna
Working with Emotions – We experience emotional ups and downs of all kinds in the course of daily life.   The sitting practice of meditation provides a way to work with our emotions and discursive thoughts by facing ourselves honestly and directly, and at the same time gently and clearly. In this weekend program, the Directors will present meditation practice itself, as well working with all our states of mind, both on and off the meditation cushion. Fees: R600.00
Contact Kelly Edwards / 072-200-3643


4 December 2010: JHB – Ekam Yoga Studio
Jump Backs/Jump Throughs: 2:00pm – 4:00pm · R200: Jump backs and jump throughs aren’t only for Ashtangis, they’re also for vinyasa flow practitioners or anyone who wants to add strength-building elements to their practice. We’ll review the basics, provide helpful hints, and hopefully give your practice a lift! This workshop was very popular last time and space is limited.
Contact: Sarah,,


10 -12 December: Cliff House, The Heads, Knysna
The Battle of Ego – Ego is defined by internal struggle: it plays an unnecessary game, which causes suffering to ourselves and others. This second weekend program will serve as a continuation of the first weekend, ‘Working with Emotions’ and also will stand on its own. We will explore the structure and function of ego in detail, using the sitting practice of meditation as the discipline to look into our experience of the present moment. Fees: R600.00
Contact Kelly Edwards / 072-200-3643


11 December: Precision Pilates Studio, Plett
Inversions in Depth with Eve Cunard: 09.30-12.30, Playing with gravity. A chance to explore headstand, shoulder stand, elbow balance and other inversions in a safe and supported space. Cost R300
Contact Eve 082 09927 39,


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