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Yoga & You November 2010 – Teachers

November 1, 2010

Stuart Kirton
“yoga has given me strength and brought much enjoyment to my life… I truly believe it can greatly benefit anyone and everyone!”

I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and instructing classes since late 2003. I enjoy a dynamic style of practice like ashtanga and flow yoga and in 2003 I was certified in London through a form known as chaya (shadow) yoga. All these yoga styles can be identified by the synergy of breath with movement and all encourage a sense of freedom through movement. It is because of these interests that I trained in kung fu for 2 years, which encouraged even greater flow in my yoga practice and instructing. I enjoy working with practitioners of all levels and find myself learning a great deal from each class I instruct.


Jenny Brash
“i believe in living life to the fullest and yoga allows me to strike a perfect balance!”

The first time I tried bikram yoga was in 1997 in San Francisco and I loved it immediately. Since then I’ve tried various forms of yoga but nothing leaves me feeling as good as bikram! I’m originally from Cape Town’s southern suburbs and after completing my CA, I spent 10 years working in London. while training for the London triathlon I did bikram to stretch out after training. This led to a bikram instructor’s course in LA in 2004, to learn more about the practice. I returned to Cape Town early in 2005 and started teaching at yogazone in April that year. I spent 4 months travelling India in 2007, including 6 weeks in mysore practicing ashtanga yoga. I completed a clinical yoga course while there and in 2009 I completed the Africa yoga course in St Francis, certifying as an ashtanga and vinyasa teacher.

* Stuart and Jenny have opened a new yoga studio in Claremont – YoYoga – check out the website here.


Nick Aldridge, 40years,  yoga teacher, photographer, surfer, stand-up philosopher.

When did you start practicing & teaching yoga?

I stared teacher about a year ago, and have been practicing for about three years, before that I was quite involved in Tai Chi Chuan and Kung fu.

What styles and where do you teach?

I teach at the wellness station in Plumstead and teach Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga yoga.

My Yoga Story.

Yoga has been the anchor of my life through the last three years, I did my first class the same day as my marriage ended and it has been my refuge, my therapy and the place where I have been able to grow, play and heal ever since. Yoga has re-ignited my surfing, my photography and my friendships and is slowly healing my heart. I’m inspired by my wonderful teachers and students alike. I look forward to practicing for a very long time to come and hopefully sharing the joy of yoga practice with others in ways that help them to heal and grow as I have. But mainly I love monkeying around like a six-year old for an hour and a half everyday!

Editors Comments:

Nick is the issue 6 front cover photographer – let us know what you think of his work!

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