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Yoga & You November 2010 – Travel

November 1, 2010

Part 3…

When I left the Ashram it was now mid-January and only had 100 Euro to my name- once again I had to revert to my lesson number one and “trust in the process”. I must add, that I was fortunate to be staying in a Center where like-minded people visited and attended Yoga and Kriya Sessions and having a Sangha (community) and Dharma (knowledge) really assisted with my personal growth. My greatest and most emotional lesson was of course was number five, when I realized that my feet were still rooted back in South Africa! Though I was having the time-of-my-life in Germany, I had good intentions to vote in our 2009 Election. On the 15th April, I took a long bus ride to Berlin and made my way to the South African Embassy. To my knowledge I had everything in order, having filled out all the necessary documentation in advance and with passport in hand I entered with a scene of pride. It wasn’t until I was asked for ID (my heart suddenly sank as I remembered that it was still in a “safe place” back in South Africa), that I realized that I was not able to vote. I sat there, forehead on the desk and cried for a moment. The IEC Official leaned over and held my hands stroking with his thumbs, as he tried to console me. My heart was back in South Africa, the country of my birth. I had finally made the “journey from head to heart”, and lesson number six- we cannot run away from ourselves and circumstances, as we bring our baggage along with us wherever we go.

However, I was enjoying my journey soo much that I ended up extending my stay another two times in that year. As well as making my AOL contributions, I built up my resources was able to attend two German Courses, another Part III Meditation Course and facilitate Traveling Massage in places like Guernsey, Fountainbleu- Paris, Belgin, Arosa- Switzerland as well as visit with my friends in beautiful Croatia. I had also decided that I would return back to India in November 2009, for a three months Introduction to Ayurveda Course and the Gujarat University. I extended my stay there too and traveled back to Bangalore Ashram for another Part III Meditation Course and to do Seva in the Panchakarma Center there.

Almost two years have passed and I’m finally settled back in South Africa! Lesson number seven is a constant reminder of the blessings, growth and liberation that I’ve experienced, being grateful is the secret to a fulfilled and complete living. Now I have to learn to integrate these heart-felt feelings with my head, to be successful in the city again. My Sankalpha (good intention) is to promote Ayurveda and natural living as a Wellness Consultant, sharing with others and teaching by example, as well as to continue with my Seva (Self-filling Service 😉


Claire Stephenson has been a Wellness Consultant for the past twelve years! As well as Yoga & Ayurveda, she is also a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist & Facial Therapist. Cell: 082 338 8001, e-mail:

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