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International Yoga Day 2011! – Join the Cause and Do what you Love – Yoga!

December 6, 2010

“On Sunday the 30th of January 2011, yoga teachers and schools around the world will donate their time and space to a two hour yoga session which is devoted to human rights.

This year World Yoga Day will support UNICEF and the idea that safe drinking water is a human right. WYD wants to support UNICEF in their efforts to create access to safe drinking water for everyone in the world. To be more efficient they will focus on one country – Ethopia. This year the U.N. Human Rights Council affirmed Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation as a Human Right. You’ll find more information on Project 2011 and how to contribute on

The Idea.

The class should be held from 11AM – 1PM sharp, local time in each time zone, which will lead to a 24 hour yoga marathon around the world. Devoting our thoughts and energy globally to the human rights issue will generate a powerful impact.

Students attending the event will donate whatever tuition they can afford. All contributions are welcome and also students who can’t pay at all – the money is important to help victims of human right violation but so is the spirit.

We love to see yogis from all styles participate in this wonderful event whether Iyengar, Bikram, Anusara, Ashtanga, Laughter Yoga…at the heart of any yoga style stands the union. Bringing all yogis worldwide together to devote their practice to this important cause will be a wonderful, spirited celebration of yoga.

The aim is that as many nations as possible come together on this project, especially countries where human rights violation is a more dominant issue

In 2009 World Yoga Day supported the people in Zimbabwe and the donations reached $10,616.00 to support the cause.

As a participating teacher or studio you probably know best how to go about organizing the session, however here are some suggestions on our part:

  1. Make this event known to your students as soon as possible. Mention it in class, put up a sign on the board, have a few flyers read and put the ads on your website or have them printed as little postcard flyers or posters. If you are interested to spread the word, just visit the download center on
  2. Encourage your students to spread the word and to bring anyone they know along – yogi or not –and join the practice. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to make a big impact with very little means.
  3. Spread the word to all the yoga teachers and studios you know. This action is about joining in and forming a union. The more we are the bigger the impact.
  4. Last but not least: join now by filling out the registration form under Join us. Under Who’s in you can see who else is taking part in this event.”

Make a difference, take a stand and Join the Cause. Let’s put South African Yoga Studios on the list for World Yoga Day participating on the 30th January 2011.

See you on the Mat!!


Juanita CaprariJuanita Caprari.
Juanita is a certified Yoga Teacher and Public Relations Practitioner and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She started her Yoga practice in 2002. She has completed two Yoga Teacher Training Courses, the last one through Ananda Kutir Ashram and has been teaching Yoga since January 2007. Thanks to her Public Relations studies and experience, Juanita discovered a love for writing and since 2007, after editing a book on Yoga, she has continued her love of the creative word by writing press releases, newsletters and articles ranging from the tourism industry to the topic and philosophy she loves the most,

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