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Interview with a Living Yoga Yoga Student

March 7, 2011

Di Collier

One of the things I like about yoga are the teachings before class. Sometimes they are obvious things, other times it is cryptic and then still others produce that ‘aha’ moment. Monday 24th January 2011 was ‘aha’ as Cherryl reminded us that yoga is not about arriving at class from 6.15 to 7.45 and then leaving. Yoga is an attitude to life. A way of living life. So what did this mean to me? There are times in class when it is a breeze, there are times it is irritating, other times it is what it is, there are many happy moments and then others when I know I’m struggling , (too weak or not flexible enough or tired), but I keep trying. So many humbling and gratifying moments. I have laughed, cried, celebrated and been sad in class. I have been deeply joyful yet still and peaceful. I have fully experienced yoga, (for me), and by so doing experienced life. I don’t know if I can say this about many things in my life. As these moments flashed in my memory I realised that there is no difference between class and ‘out there’. It made me laugh because I had seen the two as separate. Yoga was my ‘spiritual’ practise. So what did I consider life to be? An analytical practise? No! Yet. . . Anyhow, it was great to realise the interconnectedness in all this as well and where my level of thinking had been. I now have a better understanding for what some teachers mean by “take your practise off the mat and into the world”.
One of my daily outcomes at work and with coaching is about steering people towards aligning head, heart and hands. Of helping them to build their own resourcefulness by working with / aligning the entire human system. Yoga is no different. Yoga equals union of mind, body, emotion and spirit. Change in one area effects change in another. It’s all connected. I know I know this yet, it feels like I’m really only getting a glimpse of this now, 7 years later!

Di Collier

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