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Natural Skin Dip for Dogs

March 7, 2011

Whilst it is always tempting to use strong chemicals and poison to kill fleas and ticks, and to treat skin conditions and allergies, these products are also absorbed into the tissues and organs of the animal, accumulating over time, with a consequent impact on the well-being of the pet.

Vondis has developed a 5 step approach in treating skin which we have had great success with and which is safe and holistic. Here is a recipe to bath your dog.

Natural Skin Dip

Prepare a basin of Rooibos Tea using 5 – 8 tea bags

Add half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to stop scratching

Add a half a cup of Vondis Khakibos spray for flea and Ticks

Add a few bunches of fresh Rosemary – optional

Add a few squirts of Vondis Buchu Moisturising oil for dry skin – optional

Once the water has cooled and you have removed the tea bags and rosemary, submerge your dog and hold him in this soothing water for 8 -10 minutes. This will also help to drown the fleas.

This you can do a few times a week, if necessary.

Large Breeds: if you are unable to soak your large dog, then simply spray this solution onto the coat.

External Treatment

The pulp/juice of Fresh Bulbinella or Aloe Vera (or ferox) should be applied regularly onto the affected and sensitive areas of the skin.

Vondis Rooibos Anti-itch solution can also be administered internally and externally.


Please refer to our website , category “itch skin”. Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives.

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  1. Maureen Lawrence permalink
    April 5, 2011 1:02 pm

    What about cats? Any suggestions would be most welcome. I have an extremely (even for a cat) bath-averse cat and balk at the idea of putting chemical flet and tick drops on her.

  2. April 21, 2011 12:11 pm

    Sorry for the late response, but i did not know that there was a comment from my previous article.
    Cats certainly respond poorly when they are treated with harsh and poisonous flea repellents and shampoos. In fact, the application of flea repellents on their necks can be very dangerous and has known to kill cats.
    Khakibos is very effective. Before we presented a natural skin dip and also a khakibos spray for dogs.
    Cats generally do not like to be sprayed but if they dont mind then please do spray your cat with khakibos spray.
    However, we have developed a khakibos powder that is totally natural. The base is a soy base powder rather than a chemical base powder that is commonly used. Apply twice a week and rub into the coat.
    Also, dont forget to groom daily. A good brush rids old bacteria on the skin and it also brushes away the fleas.

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