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Studio News and Updates

March 7, 2011
Adi Shakti Yoga Centre – Camps Bay, WC.
The practice of yoga and meditation during pregnancy helps the body function more optimally and also influences the mental and emotional states of the mother-to-be.
Learn how to create harmony within your changing self and your environments in the company of other pregnant women.
Come share, meditate and enjoy your unfolding both as a woman and as a giver of life.
You will learn:

· basic pregnancy yoga postures,

· body care and nutrition tips,

· yogic teachings regarding the connection between the mother and the soul to be incarnated, and

· meditations particularly suited for the time both during and after pregnancy.

Day and time: Wednesday, 9h30 to 11h00, starting 16 March  2011.


Yoga Life Updates

Message from Jessika and Andrew :
We would like to thank all of the staff, students, and fellow yogis that have supported us in the creation of the Yoga Life. We both really appreciate your support and the positive way in which our new studio was received. It has been a wonderful journey.
On this journey we start where we are and develop greater understanding and insight over time. The process of change never stops. It is important to us to teach yoga in an authentic way that embraces our understanding of the practice. Time out for reflection and study is an important part of our journey. With this in mind we are hitting the road to expand and explore. 

Dave Porter has now officially taken over as owner and manager of the Yoga Life.

We will miss seeing all of your happy smilling faces! Keep practicing, stay open, breathe deeply.

Big love and gratitude,
Andy and Jess

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