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Tikonasana – The Triangle

March 7, 2011


  • Begin in Tadasana
  • Step the feet wide apart and raise the arms to shoulder height
  • Adjust the distance of the feet so that the ankles are aligned under the wrists – this will be the correct distance between the feet according to one’s height
  • The arms can stay raised or place the hands on the hips to position the legs for the next step
  • Begin on the right side of the body by turning the right foot to a 90° angle
  • Turn the heel of the left foot outwards, the toes inwards
  • Check that the heel of the right foot is in line with the inner arch of the left foot
  • Now the legs and feet are correctly aligned
  • On the Inhalation, if the arms are down, raise the arms up to shoulder height, softening the shoulders
  • On the Exhalation, extend outwards to the right, reaching out as far as is possible before bringing the hand to rest on the right leg
  • Depending on one’s flexibility and capacity level, without compromising the postural integrity of the pose, the hand can be placed above the knee, between the knee and the ankle, on the ankle or on the floor on the outside of the right foot
  • The left arm is outstretched upwards, for any shoulder issues, place the left hand on the left hip
  • Revolve the chest upwards
  • One can look up to the outstretched hand or to the side or downwards to the right foot depending on the comfort level of the neck
  • Ideally the back of the legs, the back of the chest and the hips should be in a line or check that the right shoulder is in line with the right knee and the right ankle
  • Pull the shoulder blades down the back away from the ears
  • Breathe into the pose for 5 to 7 breaths then release on the inhalation
  • Repeat the pose on the left side of the body for the same duration of time


·      A gentle Classic Uttanasana or Uttanasana with the feet hip distance apart or Samasthiti.

The importance of the asana is not how low one can reach the hand down the leg or to the floor. The importance is alignment. If reaching too low compromises the lengthening of the spine then raise the body and the hand higher up the leg to straighten the spine and to open the chest.


·      Opens and expands the chest to facilitate breathing
·      Helps to alleviate back pain
·      Tones and rejuvenates the spine
·      Activates the Psoas muscle
·      Tones and strengthens the leg muscles
·      Brings elasticity to the hip joints
·      Helps to reduce body weight
·      Reduces fat around the waist and the hips
·      Tones and activates the kidneys


  • Knee problems or injuries
  • Extremely tight hamstrings, (bend the leg slightly)
  • Shoulder and neck problems or injuries – avoid raising the arm and turning the head upwards
  • Hip flexor tendon and / or hip ligament injuries
  • Avoid widening the distance between the legs too much as overstretching of or injury to the adductor, (inner thigh), muscles may occur

Chakra Association:

Muladhara – For Grounding.

Breathe, Surrender and Enjoy!




Article by Juanita –

Photographs by Saskia and Nina – |

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