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Shakti and Bhakti Workshop

March 30, 2011
Shakti and Bhakti Workshop
with Pritam Kaur Khalsa 

What is the relationship between personal will and divine will?

Inner strength helps us touch the bedrock of our undying nature to build trust and deep knowing.

There is a place where we feel the magnetism we create allowing us to hand over to the mystery and organization of the universe.

This exploration is a way to define the dynamic relationship between building power and letting go, using a sacred Kundalini Yoga

workout and meditation to cradle the experience.


Venue: Gururamdas Yoga Studio – 6 Park Road – Gardens
Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm
Date: Saturday 2nd April 2011
Cost: R108
SHAKTI is the power of the Universe. In this consciousness, we experience our power & strength.
BHAKTI is devotion, surrender, humility & reverence to the Universe.
These two polarities challenge us to be clear, direct & powerful whilst remembering that we are servants of the Universe.
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