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Ayurveda and Pregnancy

April 4, 2011
Article 1:
When I reflect on my many blessings and opportunities for growth in my life, this experience comes out tops. Discovering that I was pregnant! I still remember the day so clearly:  I had discussed with my partner, Richard,  the possibility & decided that we would do a home-pregnancy-test first. One Sunday, as soon as I woke up, I took it through to the bathroom, did the necessaries and sat on the toilet patiently. I had already decided if it showed up positive, this would be the best thing ever. Since, now my priorities had changed and the thought of family really excited me. I had achieved my professional success, afforded a Sabbatical for two years and on my return back to SA- my Sancalpha was to remain here, only if I could have a family of my own! I kept this “good intention” close to my heart and in time I met my soul mate and from our love, another has grown.
Now, in the past I had a mental block about being preggy! This was due to the funny notion that I didn’t want something else controlling my body. And on my journey, I discovered that “control” was just an illusion and when I surrendered, wonderful things always happened. And of course, this IS the perfect opportunity to put that principle to the test. THIS is when we put our Knowledge into practice. To remain peaceful and centered during those trying times! The first three months were a non-event where morning-sickness and cravings were concerned. I still continued with my morning Yoga practice: focusing on a more gentle routine and longer Meditation. I decided quite naturally, to be more aware of my eating, since bloating and the occasional abdominal pain was experienced. I found alternatives to wheat, sugar and dairy, (with the exception of Ghee), and still enjoyed sugar-free Belgium Chocolate from time to time. The first time I felt our little Champ move was a weekend in October when he fluttered across my lower-belly.
The second trimester was a total breeze and found that I could enjoy a little more variety, in moderation. It was Christmas time and the holidays were spent with a lot more indulgence that usual. I remember waking up on Boxing Day, having experience a momentous growth-spurt and feeling too big and exhausted to participate in the family events. It was a particularly hot day and later the weather became the only botheration. By this time also, I was set on having a natural Water Birth and was deciding on a Midwife and Birthing Clinic. Visiting Xoli at Genesis Clinic is such a relaxing experience, one feels like you’re coming home with every consultation! The receptionist Jenny also deserves a mention, especially for her care and taking a special interest. The first day we met, she couldn’t believe that I was actually pregnant. Funny, she would be the one to know, with all the ladies she meets and greets on a daily basis.

Continuation of Article next month – May 2011
Claire Stephenson has been a Wellness Consultant for the past thirteen years! As well as Yoga & Ayurveda, she is also a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist & Facial Therapist. She now facilitates Ayurvedic Cooking Courses as well as Diet & Lifestyle Assessments. Cell: 082 338 8001 | |
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