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Balasana – Child Pose

April 4, 2011
Balasana – Child Pose 

Balasana represents ourselves as infants both physically and psychologically.
It is not a physically challenging posture for many, but mentally it can be quite testing as we need to adopt a state of “non-doing” while we surrender to gravity.
Balasana can be practiced at any time during your yoga sequence or as a restorative posture to alleviate back pain and menstrual discomfort.
Start by sitting on your heels. As you exhale slowly take your forehead down to the mat in front of you as you extend forwards from the hips.
When the forehead touches the ground place the arms alongside the body with the palms turned up, arms and shoulders relaxed.

Close the eyes, breathe normally. Become aware of the change in focus of the breath as you now move the awareness from the front of the rib cage to the back of the lungs and rib cage as the front of the body is slightly compressed with the abdomen against the thighs. Try to tune in to a deeper, steadier breath and visualise relaxation flowing effortlessly through the body.
With pressing the forehead to the mat, Ajna Chakra, our 3rd eye, intuitive centre is activated. This is also seen as our guru connection. Here you can take the time to access and acknowledge the teachings of all those that have aided you on your spiritual journey, be it your yoga teacher/s, family members, friends or a passing stranger. Take this time to connect and acknowledge all the positive teachings and blessing in your life.

Try parting the knees slightly or placing a pillow under the forehead. You can make two fists of your hands and stack them under the forehead or lie over a bolster for better support.


Nina Saacks, yoga teacher and publishing editor of YAA, loves life’s little challenges and when she’s not teaching or practising yoga you can catch her spending time with her dog and friends on the mountain |

Image: Angus Maresch –


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