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Dandelion Breath

April 4, 2011
This is an exceedingly gentle little exercise that enhances breath control and helps to extend the exhalation. Think about a dandelion, the furry little seeds that are left after the petals have fallen off of a daisy flower. Children, the world over, blow them away.
The same technique is used for this exercise.
Sit in a comfortable, upright position, with your hands folded in your lap.
Purse your lips and blow a little air out of the mouth as though you were blowing the dandelion seeds away.
Continue blowing short, sharp little bursts of air out through the pursed lips until the lungs have emptied.
Inhale through the nose and repeat. Remember, this is a short, sharp, little exhalation.
Repeat the entire exercise six times and then take a few recovery breaths.
Keep the shoulders soft during the entire duration of the exercise and ensure that you do not strain by trying to empty too much air out of the lungs.

Amber Land completed her yoga teacher’s training at Ananda Kutir Yoga Centre in Cape Town in 1992 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She is trained and teaches in the Sivananda Integral Yoga Style, incorporating what she considers the best aspects of other schools into her teaching. |

Image: Angus Maresch –

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