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Linga Mudra

April 4, 2011
Said to increase resistance to coughs and colds Linga Mudra can also relieve the symptoms of congestion and chest infections.  The heat generated by this Mudra looses any mucus in the lungs and aids the immune system in the destruction of bacteria.


Sitting comfortably with the backs of the hands resting on the thighs, eyes closed, breathing at the body’s natural rhythm.  Focus the attention at the solar plexus visualizing the sun or a brightly burning fire; cultivate the feeling of warmth radiating from the solar plexus.

Bring the palms together in front of the chest.  Interlace the fingers with the right thumb over the left and point the left thumb upwards.  The right thumb and index finger should circle the base of the left thumb.

Remain in this position, visualizing any toxins or bacteria being consumed by the flames and mentally repeating an affirmation of health, warmth and vitality.

Practice this Mudra for no more than 15 minutes 3 times daily.

Mudras – Yoga in your hands by Gertrude Hirschi.  published Weiser books.  isbn 1-57863-139-4.

Jennifer Stephens: Jen qualified as a yoga teacher and remedial yoga therapist at Ananda Kutir Ashrama and has been teaching yoga since 2000.


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