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My “Follow the Sun” Journey

April 4, 2011
My light had gone out. I was a shell of myself. I had a complete emotional breakdown and had to be put onto medication – who was this person which I had become? I had made myself sick due to stress and a toxic relationship. 


I needed to save my Soul. I needed to find my inner light again… and so, in 4 months, I changed my life and I began my “Follow the Sun” Journey.

Dedicating 9 months to my own personal Yoga pilgrimage – I travelled through India, Bali and Australia – truly listening to my heart, following my gut feelings and nurturing the glimmer of light & sun that was inside of me.

I began in India.
Here I mainly spent my time at the Sivananda Ashram in South India, Kerala. With 4 hours of Yoga and 3 hours of Satsang & meditation daily, a pure Sattvic diet and a 20 day Panchakarma Ayurverdic detox – I purified my body, mind & soul… from the inside out.

My next destination was Bali.
I joined up with a friend and fellow Cape Town Yogi, Melanie de Villiers. We rejuvenated our souls in the tranquil setting of Ubud and indulged in various Yoga styles and Balinese therapies at the Yoga Barn. We cycled through rice paddies and discovered the surf of the Bhukit Peninsula.

In Australia I learned to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, I surfed with new friends, I lived with an Indian Swami and his family on the Sunshine Coast, I was given a Life-long blessing by Gyuto monks of Tibet and practiced in some of the best yoga studios in the world. I travelled down the East coast visiting Brisbane, Noosa, Byron Bay, and then settling in Sydney for my last 2 months of my stay.

I met amazing people and had incredible experiences!

In Sydney, I joined the Yoga Aid Challenge – doing Yoga for charity while in the Botanical gardens overlooking the Opera House. I ended my Journey by doing a Fluid Power Teachers Training with Twee Merrigan.

Throughout the year, I also dedicated 108 Sun Salutations per week to raise funds and awareness for the children of Goedgedacht Farm in the Western Cape. They kept me going and kept me inspired – and by Summer Solstice 2010, I returned home to Cape Town to complete my 4 644th Sun Salutation for charity.

It was a journey that I will never forget and be forever grateful for.

It is wonderful to feel completely healthy, happy and whole again!

By “having faith”, “trusting the process” and following my sunshine I am now ecstatic to be home.


Through teaching Yoga, studying Metaphysics and completing her “Follow the Sun” Journey, Sharni is now dedicated to inspiring individuals to follow their own sunshine through Yoga Lifestyle Consultations and “Follow the Sun” Workshops. | | 071 954 2816.


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