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Oneness: the Heart of the World

April 4, 2011

I am he whom I love; he whom I love is me – Sufi tradition

There is no other – there is only this extraordinary oneness to which we all belong. We are all part of the interconnected web of life. We have this knowing in our hearts. We touch it through prayer and meditation, and then we need to bring it into our life and into the world. Everything is the Divine presence. The mystery of the Divine is present in every human being. There is a spark of light in every heart. This is the most precious thing we have. It is the place where God comes to know himself. It is our spiritual heritage. It is what is real inside of us. Rumi says: “Why do you sell yourself for so little, you who are so precious in God’s eyes?”

Return to the Divine spark that exists in the core of your being.

When this spark in the heart is ignited, it becomes the Divine fire that consumes you. This is God taking you back to God. Your heart is the place where Divine remembrance takes place. Your heart is the place where the mystery of Divine incarnation takes place. All you have to do is say “yes”. It is our consent that draws down the grace. Get closer to what it means to be a human being; to be an incarnation of the Divine. Enter into the Divine love affair. This love is waiting to be lived. It is a demanding love, and it can also be painful, because it breaks all illusion. It wants to reveal to us who we really are.In each of us there is this extraordinary presence waiting to come alive. We are an embryo in the Divine and our purpose is to grow into a fuller expression. There is no greater miracle than realizing the Divine within your own heart, and awakening to this oneness, which is expressed as love, peace, joy. The even greater miracle is when you see God in everyone and everything – wherever you turn you see the face of God, because there is no other. We are given the opportunity to live in this miracle, to see and experience the Divine in our lives, and to participate in the Divine life. Once you have a glimpse of the Divine, you have a responsibility to live it. When you live it, you live it for the whole.

The greatest contribution you can make to life is to live this mystery. We live in a culture that is starved of the miraculous. The world has forgotten the sacred. We have forgotten that the world belongs to God. The ego wants to take over and be the person in control. But without the Divine presence, nothing has meaning, life becomes meaningless. When you begin to share your life with the Divine that is when miracles start to happen. We have forgotten that the very foundation of life is the miraculous – life itself is a miracle. Life is Divine and the Divine is a miracle. That miracle is in our own hearts – it is the great Oneness that lies at the heart of the world.


Based on the movie “Oneness, the Heart of the World”, with Father Thomas Keating, trappist monk, and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, sufi mystic.
Article by Leela Verity, director of Sat Chit Anand Retreat Centre, Plettenberg Bay.


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