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Pranic Healing

April 4, 2011
I have been a student of energy, the mind- body- soul connection and literature on Meta and some quantum physics for around 12 years and my introduction to Pranic healing came about when I interviewed a Pranic healer named Deborah around 6 years ago. Close to burn out at that point I felt light, buoyant and energised after the interview. Deborah had applied some visual instructive Pranic Healing on me, cleared my chakras of congested energy, energised the depleted ones and cleaned my aura of any unwanted draining energies and cords. I immediately wanted to know more about Pranic Healing, how to apply it and to spread the news of this effective healing modality.6 years later, I’ve studied Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy, Psychic Self Defence and Crystal Healing and I am an Arhatic Yoga student.

Modern day Pranic healing is a non touch energy healing technique developed by Master Cho Kok Sui based on the premise that the body heals itself and that ailments manifest in the energy field first, where they can be cleared before manifesting  as physical ailments and one can help heal physical maladies by healing the energy field. One cleanses and then recharges the energy field surrounding the body using Prana or life force which is invisible bio kinetic energy that keeps the body alive. The healer who is a conduit connecting to universal energy emits the healing energy via their hands without touching the patient or crystals can be used to direct the energy. Cleansing removes blocks or diseased energy which can cause depletion or congestion in the affected chakras and corresponding organs. Once cleansed, they’re energised with Prana /life energy and balanced.

Pranic healing is practiced in more than 80 countries and used in many hospitals to expedite the healing process. There is constant development in Pranic healing and it has many aspects including Superbrain Yoga, Arhatic Yoga, Theosophy and Buddhism. Pioneered in India, Sweden and USA Pranic Aesthetics/ Cosmetology is now being taught and practised in SA and involves  skin and facial rejuvenation and lifts, body sculpting and weight loss, and treatments for hair growth.

One aim is to have a Pranic Healer in every family so as to help people maintain health and vitality easily and effectively. I’m passionate about it as a modality whereby people can empower themselves and live healthy, vital lives filled with energy and wellness. Pranic healing also helps give one understanding of the energetic universe we live in, the power of thoughts and energy and the possibilities that exist for our growth and evolution.
The relevant website for more information on Pranic healing as well as practitioners, course and retreat dates in South Africa is and for Middle East and Africa

Written by: Natalie Becker.

Award-wining international actress, voice-artist, presenter.UCT and Meridian Leadership Graduate, MC, Speaker, Ambassador: Social Development Life skills Projects, Author: ‘Tao of Nat’. Global Citizen, Child of the Universe, Master of her Destiny, Captain of her Soul.




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