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brahmari – the humming bee

May 2, 2011
Sit in a comfortable position. Inhale through both nostrils and exhale through the nose. Hum loudly on the exhalation, keeping your mouth closed. Keep the exhalation and the humming going for as long as it remains comfortable. Inhale through the nose without humming. Repeat this ten times.
Humming enables one to extend the exhalation and enhances the breath control. The humming also vibrates deep into the lung tissue loosening any congestion. This is an excellent exercise to practise if there is any tightness in the chest. The brahmari is exceptionally soothing and calming.
Amber Land completed her yoga teacher’s training at Ananda Kutir Yoga Centre in Cape Town in 1992 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She is trained and teaches in the Sivananda Integral Yoga Style, incorporating what she considers the best aspects of other schools into her teaching. |

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