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Graceful Awareness – Yoga Nidra

May 2, 2011
Graceful Awareness

Sit in Dandasana and bring your hands in Namaskar, known as Prayer position or Anjali Mudra.
Gently roll yourself down on the mat to lie flat and bring the arms to the side of the body.
Using one hand at a time, scoop the buttock flesh down towards your feet to release any arch in the lower back so that the lumbar spine remains as flat and as comfortable as possible.
Take the arms back to the floor away from the body with the palms facing upwards.
Become aware of the entire body resting on the floor. Relax the skin on the forehead, relax the eyes back into the sockets and relax the tongue back into the mouth.
Soften the jaw, relax the chest, and soften the abdominal muscles. Completely relax both arms and the hands. Relax the buttocks, relax the thighs, the knees, the calves, and relax the feet completely. Relax the whole body into the floor feeling the heaviness of the body sinking into the floor. Take all your awareness to your breath. Notice each inhalation and each exhalation as you draw your awareness inwards. Feel the breath move from the belly up the chest and throat and into the nasal passages and out through the nose following the passage from the throat to the navel. Quietly and patiently observe each and every breath without force, without judgement, without reaction, without emotion, just silent observation and conscious awareness.Visualize yourself walking in this beautiful meadow full of daisies, the entire meadow dotted with vibrant colours of the daisies. See before your eyes a carpet full of colour across the entire meadow.  As you walk effortlessly through the meadow you see butterflies fluttering about from daisy to daisy. Delicate graceful butterflies fluttering through the meadow. As you continue to walk you sense the fragrant perfume from the flowers flow in the air awakening your senses with serenity and renewed energy. The vibrant colours of the daisies; the elegance of the butterflies and the serene fragrance of the meadow fills your entire being with grace and tranquility.

(Remain silent for a minute to two).

Gently, with your conscious awareness on your breath, begin to bring your attention back to the body and to the present moment of resting on the floor. Draw your focus from the sounds in the distance to the sounds emanating from the outside of the room to the sounds within the room.  and then bring your attention to the sound that is most near to you….the sound of your own breathing. Observe your breathing, observe how the body and mind feels. Bearing witness to the fact that the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your breath and the quality of your breath determines the quality of your thoughts. Begin to move your thumb over your fingertips as you wiggle your toes. Re-awaken the body completely by giving yourself a lovely stretch as you inhale deeply and on the exhalation relax the body as you bend your knees and hug them to your chest. Roll over to the right hand side and rest the head on the arm. Slowly push yourself up with the left hand and bring yourself into a comfortable seated asana of your choice. Close your eyes and return the attention to the breath.

Acknowledge the stillness within; acknowledge the gentleness within; acknowledge the Divine Grace within you. Remember to keep that Positive and Divine Energy with you in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Om Shanti.



Juanita CaprariJuanita Caprari is a certified Yoga teacher and Public Relations Practitioner. She started her Yoga practice in 2002. She has completed two Yoga Teacher Training Courses, the last one through Ananda Kutir Ashram and has been teaching Yoga since January 2007. or visit the website

Image: Andy Nixon

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