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Top 6 Handy Gardening Tips

May 2, 2011
Top 6 Handy Gardening Tips:
  • 1.Mulch to keep soil temperatures higher.
  • 2.Frost Fleese for your tender crops.
  • 3.Slug Traps using recycled yoghurt tubs
  • 4.Hoop house and bird netting.
  • 5.Crop rotate to prevent desease build up.
  • 6. Visit our Organic Inner City Farm
Heirloom seeds provide genetic variability , ensuring our food security, and prevent genetic bottlenecking, which is caused by genetically modifying species. Sought After Seedlings
Linda Galvad | | | 

Anybody in the Pongola area? We will be talking at the Pongola Garden Club on the 25th May. Please contact us on 082 365 0050 if you are interested in joining us.

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