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Food – New ways of seeing.

June 2, 2011

Dear Yogis

I recently attended lectures with James Schwarz who spoke to us about Vedanta. In one of the sessions he spoke about people who over-eat and said that they are actually stealing from life, and not practising the yama known as astaya (non-stealing). At first I was a bit shocked. How could he say this? Where was his compassion? But as I left I started thinking about his words and why he said it, and then I started understanding that he was actually speaking from a place of compassion.

The thing is, if we take only what we need from life, there is abundance for all. This is true for every aspect, including eating. Yogis often talk about eating to live rather than living to eat, but the society we live in organises so many events around food that it has truly become an unconscious act. Think about it: how many times have you heard people complain about the food at a wedding? Is that the point of a wedding? What happens to the real celebration? Maybe it’s time to take stock and review our ways of seeing.

Of course we should also do this from a place of compassion for ourselves. No point in beating ourselves up over things come and gone. But maybe this is the time to really embrace the gift of consciousness we have found and change the things that we can, renewing our faith in that way and opening our hearts and lives so that we can once again give and receive, give and receive. In this way we can create a new way, the right way.

In the meantime, keep on practising being the wonderful beings that you are and feel free to write to me and share your thoughts at The recipes this month are simple (but no less scrumptious), allowing us to remember that there is much joy in simplicity.




Raw-ish pita pizza.


  • 1 pack of pita breads (I like the herb ones)
  • 2 packets of rocket
  • 1 small packet of midi roma tomatoes
  • 200ml soy milk
  • 200g cashew nuts
  • Olive oil


Heat up the pita breads in the oven as directed (it usually takes a few seconds only). Drizzle some olive oil over the pitas and set aside to cool. In a blender, blend together the nuts and soy milk, adding a bit of salt and pepper to taste. The mixture should look like smooth cream cheese. (I find a hand-held blender easier for this task.) Now place the rocket and tomato slices on the pita breads and then top with the nut cream. Add some more pepper if you like and serve. This meal is a winner every time!


Choc-banana ice lollies.


  • Four bananas, peeled and halved
  • 400g dark vegan chocolate
  • 200g Brazil nuts, finely chopped
  • 8 ice-lolly sticks


Put an ice-lolly stick through each banana half. Now melt the dark chocolate in a double pot on the stove (place water in the bottom pot and allow the steam to melt the chocolate in the top pot). Once the chocolate has melted, dip the banana halves into it, covering the whole banana. Dip the chocolate-covered banana into the nuts and place on a tray lined with wax paper. When you have done this with all of the banana halves, place the tray in the freezer for two hours and serve. You won’t believe how good this is!


ChantelleChantelle Roelofse teaches yoga in Muizenberg and co-owns a vegan restaurant, CLOSER, in the area as well. When she isn’t in an asana or thinking about food, she runs, plays piano and writes. She is interested in the philosophy of yoga and how we can incorporate it in modern living. Chantelle supports ethical living and veganism.

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