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Insufficient Rest and Poor Sleep Causes Heart Disease.

June 2, 2011
The Facts on Quality and Quantity of Sleep.

Millions of people today are sleep-deprived, over-committed and caught up in the demands of family and work. They are unable to structure their time to get the rest they need to live healthy and fulfilled lives. Ignoring their needs leads to exhaustion. Exhaustion often turns to illness and a failure to maintain their commitments and fulfill desires.

Sleep is the most fundamental of all our needs. In sleep we dive back into ourselves, into our deepest, most powerful unconscious forces. Sleep is the basis of waking consciousness.
It is easy to see how a bad nights sleep can diminish your day, including the food you choose, the interactions you experience, the quality of work you perform, and how much enjoyment you derive from activities etc.

It’s not as easy to recognize how essential sleep is to our long-term health. We can’t cheat the laws of nature without paying the price.

New Sleep Research
Recent medical research from Holland reveals the serious long-term effects of insufficient and poor quality sleep.

Researchers studied over 20,000 men and women over a 12 year period. They discovered that poor sleep quality combined with insufficient sleep time is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (disease of blood vessels) and coronary artery disease (heart disease).
Good sleep has to be experienced most nights if you are to function to the best of your potential and remain free of disease.

If you have poor quality sleep but can manage to rest and relax, you can make up the deficit and remain much healthier than if you push through the tiredness. We need to learn to become attuned to our needs, what is right for us, to learn how to rest, care for and replenish ourselves.
What is enough restful sleep is an individual thing. How many hours do you need to feel that you’ve truly replenished your energy and are ready to take on the demands of the day? And what can you do to get back the valuable sleep that you have lost?

Regain Sleep Credits
Listening to a guided relaxation such asYoga Nidra in the morning following a bad night’s sleep allows you to regain deep rest and diminish the damage caused to the body when it’s exhausted.
If you wake feeling tired in the morning the best thing you can do is to rest deeply with Yoga Nidra before your day begins. This will give you the extra sleep credits your body needs to maintain itself throughout the day, and it will keep your heart calm and healthy
Permission has been granted to reprint this article from Big Shakti’s eMagazine.
Jayne Stevenson and Swami Shankardev Saraswati
Founders – Big Shakti

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